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Top 5 spa massage that change your day

Spa massage– Take an hour to relax; it can be during lunch, after work or during the weekend. That time is more than enough: you will leave like new and with batteries recharged.

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How is Balinese massage?

One of the best remedies to relax the mind and body undoubtedly resort to a good Balinese massage. Originally from Indonesia, particularly from the exotic island of Bali that gives it its name, this...

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The Fundamental Principles of The Kneipp Method

In health and in thermal stations you often hear about the Kneipp: But what is it? The method is named after the German priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-97) who developed a health doctrine based on...

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Foot massages, benefits and precautions

Would you like to know what are the health benefits of massage on the feet, what is your explanation and precautions to follow? The foot massages are usually performed to obtain a state of...

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Balinese Massage and its benefits

The Balinese Massage Traditional is definitely a really classic and ancestral character for self healing of the island of Bali in Indonesia massage, possibly hence its name. Along with the knowledge of classical medicine and herbalism, it...

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The Best Spas In The World To Make A Total Detox

It is customary to hear talk about total detox programs, involving the elimination of toxins through techniques as varied as nutritional education and the administration of specific drugs. However, they are also increasingly offering spas...


What Is Your Spa Personality?

Although there are many people in the world who can resist a nice spa treatment, the truth is that what may be relaxing to one person, can be torture for another and vice versa....

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The benefits of spa treatments

Spa treatments are treatments with curative purposes, detoxification or rehabilitation, that exploit the beneficial effects of the spring waters, whose therapeutic properties depend on their constituent elements, including sulfur, iodine, chlorine, iron, calcium and trace elements of...