How to take care of a Kratom Tree

Who eats the leaves of a Kratom tree, or Mitragyna speciosa, can find more health benefits. The leaves contain alkaloids that stimulate the immune system and reducing blood pressure. However, these plants are native to southwest Asia, so you will need to recreate the tropical conditions if you want their blooming in your home. Instructions.

  1. Set the temperature of your home at 60 degrees or warmer. At low temperatures, the plant will stop growing. Alternatively, you can set a heating lamp in a separate room to meet the need of the plant for a warm atmosphere. Make sure the room is colder than 90 degrees, how leaf growth will be stunted. Learn more by visit here.
  2. Carefully place the plant in a dimly lit room one day. Avoid shaking the plant as you handle it.
  3. Kratom water if the soil surface feels dry or feels. Do not let the plant sit in water for too long; the soil should be well drained. Continue to water daily.
  4. Exposing the plant to 30 minutes of direct sunlight. During the next week, gradually increase its exposure to light at a time. If you notice leaves burnt or cracked, the plant receives perhaps too much exposure.
  5. Mist kratom once a day, in addition to the regular watering. If the leaves feel sticky, the plant does not receive enough moisture to start mist twice a day.
  6. Expose kratom four or five hours of morning sun or artificial light 15 hours every day after the plant has been fully acclimated.
  7. Kratom transplanted to a larger pot when it outgrows its current location. Ideally, you should repot kratom spring. In spring, its roots recover faster.

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