Plant extracts – What is an extract and how effective are extracts? Five effective extracts!

If you are a bit concerned with psychoactive plants, you can quickly find out that there are many plant extracts. But what exactly is an extract?

The respective plant is first placed in a solvent and possibly heated. There are several solvents that work with different drugs. Examples are ethanol, acetone, ascorbic acid, benzine and ether.

When the active ingredients have dissolved, the plant material is filtered out and the solvent evaporated / separated off. In this way, an often powdered substance is obtained, which contains much higher concentrations of active ingredients than the starting material!

1) Helmet (Scutellaria lateriflora) Extract

Helmet is relaxing, mood-brightening and possibly slightly psychedelic. Since you have to consume quite a lot of the plant in order to achieve an effect, it is particularly worth buying an extract.

This is a 50x extract, meaning that about 50 g of helmet herb was used per gram of extract. This makes it very potent; about 0.2g should be smoked. Swallowed should be taken about 0.3g.

2) Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) Extract

Kratom is a legal opioid, which can be soothing, euphoric, stimulating, antidepressant and pain reliever. Because of its very unpleasant taste, it is obvious to consume extracts. Most Kratom extracts are less strong than indicated and you usually need 1-3g or more for a proper effect. You can buy Kratom leaves or extracts from online vendors.

An average Kratom dosage is about 3-5g, however different varieties are different potent and each person reacts differently sensitive to Kratom. With regular consumption a Kratom tolerance develops, one can therefore tolerate higher dosages and also feels a higher dosage effect. Single doses of well over 10g are not a rarity in everyday consumers.

3) Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caeruela) Extract

The lotus species and also the white lily have a sedative and calming effect and are also slightly psychedelic.

Lotus extracts are very effective and they can easily be carried out by means of these highly dosed experiments with these plants.

4) Marijuana (Leonurus sibiricus) Extract

African lion ears and related plants are similar to cannabis. They are also perfectly suited to enhance the cannabis intoxication. The psychedelic effect is strengthened; in general the intoxication is much more intense.

Again, extracts are very useful and effective to absorb many of the active ingredients at once without having to smoke a lot of plant material.

5) Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) Extract

Catnip does not work with everyone and often not immediately. Many people have only a few weeks on a regular basis (i.e. every 2-4 days) catnip consume thereafter to make an impact. If it then occurs, euphoric, psychedelic effects occur.

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