The use of Kratom leaves

The leaves of kratom or simply: a vegetable of energy recently stranded in Thailand in the list of narcotic drugs. Of course, its cultivation, sale and use are now banned. Despite the ban introduced in Thailand and in other countries, kratom is becoming more popular, actively open up online stores that sell the leaves of the narcotic plants. The kratom contains a huge number of different useful alkaloids, so in the medical field, it has great potential. The kratom leaves contribute to the endowment state at the abolition of drugs from the group of opioids, which include morphine, methadone, codeine, heroin, as they do not produce physical dependence. This feature contributed to the fact that kratom is considered as an alternative to methadone.

In Thailand, kratom leaves are used in different ways, but mostly they chew and suck the juice, sometimes add a little salt to prevent constipation. In addition, kratom is used in the form of infusions, decoctions and teas. Thai youth shows not bad knowledge in the field of chemistry, they mix kratom with cough syrup, which contains codeine and called this mixture “kratom water”. On the water, the cooking process kratom, which is added to codeine and other opiates in order to enhance the effect, wasted a lot of time. There is an opinion that it is in connection with these tricks of Thai teenagers who consume kratom broth and sell them, as in any other country’s drug trade is often the conflict, leading to the deaths.

The use of Kratom leaves

Preparation kratom body in small amounts, for example, by chewing the leaves promotes stimulation similar to caffeine, but without showing the side effect in the form of pressure or heart rate acceleration. Knowing about these features Thais, who have great physical activity, in order to increase stamina constantly chew kratom leaves. Even taxi drivers in Phuket consume kratom leaves, because of their work as needed endurance.

Adoption kratom in high doses causes sedative effect and defocusing of view. Drunkenness derived from it is very similar to the effect produced by opiates and is no exception and analgesic effect. The effect of this drug on the human minds very much, he loses control of himself and completely makes rash acts. It should be noted that the effects of kratom are quite interesting, side effects do not occur, but its duration is minimal, except broths are, so to obtain a permanent effect it is desirable not to spit and chew constantly. It should be remembered, and that ingest kratom is strictly prohibited; it is effective fastening means that provide constipation lasting a week. Visit to know more details.

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