How to be beautiful in winter?

Beautiful in winter-Winter is the time of year when our skin dries more, our hair has less shine and our face feels tight and redness appears. This situation has its explanation and is that the cold shrinks the capillary vessels, which does not get enough oxygen or nutrients to the dermis. In addition, the epidermis does not renew so quickly and dead cells accumulate. The result is a dry, tight and brighter skin. As for hair, it also suffers and looks more matte. However, all this can be combated only by changing some beauty routines during these months which can achieve a radiant appearance at low temperatures. Do you still long for the days when the sun against your shiny skin? Do not worry, we are many … Here you have a few tips beautiful in winter on how to maintain a fresh appearance throughout the season.

Repaired and soft hands beautiful in winter

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In this season, they dry out a lot due to the lack of sebaceous glands and water and soap. Each time it laves it applies a cream with barrier effect, which reduces the appearance of cracks and protects them from aggression.

Once a week apply a facial cream at night or the mask you wear on your face, put on some cotton gloves that you have previously heated on the radiator and wait 15 minutes. Then rinse with water. You will notice that the hands are soft and flexible.

Solutions to combat body dryness and tightness

Hidden under clothes, during the beautiful in winter the skin of the body is dry and tight. But there are solutions so that it quickly recovers visualized.

The shower that favors you   Sparkling shower gels contain too many detergents and eliminate the hydrophobic mantle that protects the skin. Instead, use an oleo gel or cleansing oil. This product is recommended even for topic skin or with psoriasis.

Avoid prolonged baths because the skin is submerged in calcareous water, which favors skin dryness.

Body cream for every day In winter, the cold and the rubbing of the clothes attack the skin leaving it more fragile. For this reason, it is advisable to apply the body cream every day because it strengthens the hydrophobic mantle and stops the water coming out of the skin. Apply throughout the body (legs, hips, buttocks and arms) and with ascending passes that favor drainage.

Moisturizing milks go well if you have normal skin. The creams, richer in nutritious ingredients (jojoba oils, sunflower, wheat germ) are indicated for dry and mature skins.

Body butter has the most unctuous texture and is intended for extremely dry skin and rough areas such as elbows and knees.

Special formulas If your skin is topic or reactive, use a lotion with soothing actives (licorice) and a higher proportion of creaminess and omega 6 fatty acids that restore the skin barrier.

Activates the legs They need more attention in winter, since the circulation of the blood is slower due to the cold.

At night, apply an oil with stimulating action (for example, birch) by making up and down movements from the hips to the hips.

Yes to oils Whether they are the “classics” such as almond oil, avocado or rose hip, as the most exotic oils are “wild” products in beauty care because they have multiple uses:

* Hydrate and repair very dry and squatted skins.

* Prevent stretch marks and help disguise the marks if they have already left.

* Nourish the nails (prevent them from splintering) and soften the cuticles.

* Glossy satin to the dull skins.

* They serve as conditioner-nails in the thick hair.

* Seal the open ends of the hair preventing them from breaking or opening.

A face full of vitality and resistant to cold

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In winter it is normal to have pale skin and turned off by the effect of cold, but with a few simple care you can combat these effects.

Gain luminosity You will get it if you put these gestures into practice:

* Exfoliation also in winter It is essential to remove dead cells that give a dull appearance to the skin. However, it is convenient to space the peels (once every 10-15 days is enough) so as not to irritate the skin anymore.

* Good face makeup Use one or more of the following products: in a lavender tone, correct the dull tone and leave skin healthy and energetic.

* The concealed camouflages dark circles, pimples and redness and matches the tone of the skin.

* The illumination contains reflective micro particles that multiply the light of the skin. Apply only in strategic areas such as the arch of the eyebrows, cheekbones and chin.

Fragile areas The lips and the contour of the eyes have the most delicate skin and are susceptible to dehydration, so you should use specific products for these areas.

* Apply a lip balm with Karate butter to prevent the appearance of cracks.

* Sunglasses, required in the days of wind. Avoid particles and squint, and accentuate wrinkles.

Goodbye to redness

Continuous temperature changes between the exterior (cold) and the interior (heat) weaken the capillaries and redness appears.

Use a cream that includes active ingredients  that tone the capillaries and improve circulation. Warm it in your hands and then apply it. It will absorb better.

Take measures. Do not approach your face to heat sources (radiators, etc.) because the sclerosis is accentuated. Also avoid washing it with very cold water because it loosens the skin.

Basic care for a mane 10

Both the scalp and the hair suffer the aggression of winter.

No itching If you notice the tight scalp, the night before washing it massage a few drops of capillary oil to nourish it deeply.

Handle able hair Rough and electrified by the cold and the wind, the hair resists bad the frequent washing. So wash it two or three times a week with a nourishing shampoo, which softens the hair fibers. And if you wash it daily, now more than ever choose a soft one.

If your hair is dry then apply the conditioner on the means and tips. If it is brittle, use a balm with hydrolyzed proteins (wheat, keratin) that repair the breaks.

Protect it from the dryer The dryer is a source of dry air, which is why it dehydrates the hair. However, beautiful in winter it is difficult because low temperatures make it difficult to dry it in the air. One solution is to apply capillary oil or thermal protector on wet hair and use the dryer at moderate temperature.

Beautiful in winter hair care

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Most have the mistaken belief that hair should only be taken care of in summer, because only the sun’s rays mistreat it, however, beautiful in winter season also represents a challenge for the hair. Despite not living in a country where snow and freezing temperatures are the rule in the winter season, the hair requires special care. It is common for it to rain and for the Fritz to become your worst enemy, causing your hair to look the worst. This is why you must have anti Fritz products on hand for this season and foresee with them ending up tying your hair before the bill.

Hydrate it, the cold and the breeze also produce dryness, the conditioners without rinsing can be very good allies for this purpose.

Avoid leaving your hair wet, in addition to intensifying the cold and put you at risk of catching a cold, wet hair at low temperatures causes damage that you will see reflected in your hair.

This is the ideal time to take your scarves, hats and hats out of the closet, combining them with warm clothes will give you a very different style that can also be very fun. Take advantage of the occasion and reinvent yourself.

How to be beautiful in winter without makeup

The makeup is a gift for the woman look more beautiful than it already is . Or at least that should be the definition. With a little of the right makeup , your face will look fresh and rested, although many times, you also need to rest from cosmetics.

At least for a day, you must take care of your face , with a deep cleaning and without makeup. If you do not have so many flaws that hide under a layer of cosmetics, try to reveal your beauty and save a little money on bases, masks and lipsticks.

Beauty tricks to be beautiful in winter

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Not only do we want to be beautiful, but being beautiful in each season is a challenge. In winter the skin suffers with air and cold, it is dry and often shows tightness or redness. It is at this time of year when more vitamins are needed, more hydration and a lot of protection too. Do you change your routine of beauty and skin care in winter?

Finally, beautiful in winter for every problem there is a solution, or many! Environmental factors, such as the constant change of temperature and cold , are the main causes of the damage that your beauty suffers. To keep you in perfect condition, no matter.

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