Beauty Tips: Tips and tricks to always be beautiful!

Our society today revolves around beauty, and magazines put unattainable stereotypes and products that we should use to look like them. But, in reality, you can see yourself well and at the same time keep yourself on a budget. Here are some beauty tips that every woman should keep in mind.

BEAUTY TIPSbeauty tips

Use a mild cleanser instead of soap and water

Do not use soap and water, or use it as little as possible, as these contain several fatty oils that can worsen the situation on your face. Instead, consult your dermatologist to purchase a mild cleanser (make sure it says “anti comedogenic” on the package) and use it sparingly.

Change your look at least every two years

Staying with the same appearance all the time can have negative effects on your image, for this, consider a change of look at least every two years, whether makeup, hair, clothing or all of the above. Remember to keep a modern look, you’ll look younger. Read more: Skin spots, how and why?

Use the correct tools

If you notice something strange with your makeup but you have all your resources at hand, then maybe it’s time to change tools. You may have many brand-name makeup items, but if you do not have the required tools, it’s useless. The brushes should be soft, but they should also have the right substances for the products. Read more: What are the best creams to remove scars?

Use moisturizers more frequently

  • In addition to the fact that moisturizers can help us recover from some effects of makeup, it also helps us to avoid premature aging. There are many types of creams for different types of faces:
  •  If the skin goes from normal to dry, look for creams with alpha hydroxides as these help the skin to produce more moisture on its own.
  •  If the skin is very dry, use vesicular emulsion products.
  • If the skin is oily (do not confuse fat with moisture), you can use a mild moisturizer.

Use sunscreen

We all use these products to avoid burns when we go to very sunny places. But it also helps us to avoid aging. Although the day is not sunny, UV rays still penetrate the clouds and damage the skin, causing wrinkles, lines, and veins. Apply some protection every hour or two, and you’ll be more than fine.

I always try all the tricks and beauty tips are usually very good because they come from previous experience, and in that world of little letters hidden up your sleeve this video was one of the best, so without mediating anything I share them. I notice that some I have not dared to be too raptured but like all the same is published.


The tomato fascinates me especially in juice and salads what I did not know was all the possible uses of this fruit in beauty, the tomato has many healing properties but nowadays it has become one of the most versatile vegetables, due to its high lycopene content, you should know that:

If you consume a lot of tomato and tomato products, the lycopene content in your skin will increase and, naturally, your skin will be, like a baby’s skin.

In addition, skin with high lycopene content is not affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

The common opinion of experts in nutrition is that the tomato protects your skin against ultraviolet lights.

The t mates and tomato products allow the skin to absorb oxygen, delaying aging and wrinkles.

Consume a minimum of 200 g. Tomato cooked daily ensures that your skin looks young at all times.

When you apply directly lotions and creams with a high lycopene content, you can experience light tan and a bright skin color.

According to studies carried out by the famous centers of medicine of the world, the lycopene contained in tomatoes and tomato products protects against the risk of skin cancer, which has become the disease of our era.

In addition to all this, the secret of the legendary beauty of Sophia Loren, the legend in beauty, which can be the best example for the miracles of the tomatoes because its beauty lasted for many years, is the lycopene that obtained with the tomato puree and the olive oil. then get to work.

Mask against acnebeauty tips

The tomato is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and is a potent bactericide and skin repairer, for acne crush a tomato and apply it on the face and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes before acting

Exfoliating body gel

The dead cells cause the skin to look dull and sad, putting on us years that sometimes weigh us, the tomato has the power to remove this layer of dead cells, it chops two tomatoes, add three tablespoons of oatmeal and one teaspoon of olive oil, crush until you get a homogeneous paste, apply with circular movements, rinse and your skin will be radiant.

For stronger hair

The astringent and cleansing properties of the tomato help with weak hair, if you have noticed that your hair has become brittle, the tomato is the solution, moisten your hair and rub a tomato let it act a few minutes and remove, this will make your hair stronger and brilliant.

To soothe reddened skin

Many times our skin reddens, maybe we were not prepared for an extremely sunny day and we did not put on the protector, or we just forgot the bottle when going to the beach, this is harmful to skin but sometimes it happens, if this is the case , do not be alarmed, take a tomato and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil, in this way you relieve the burning and moisturize the skin also say that it guarantees a longer time for your tan. Excellent.

Soft hands without spotsbeauty tips

The tomato also has the property of removing the skin if you want a soft and light hand to rub a tomato on them and let dry then you can wash them with warm water, you will notice the difference immediately.

Reactivates circulation

You can achieve better circulation and you will be very beautiful and radiant boiling a kilo of tomato separates and shreds the tomatoes and stores the water, adds the water to the bath and once submerged applies the mashed tomatoes in the area that is more affected by circulatory problems, you will feel like a soup but the results are definitely worth it.

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