Drain Facts to Know

Drains are a crucial part of the infrastructure of your home and street. But for most of us, drainage seems dull, especially when you’re booking a drain jetting in Reading to clear a blockage. We’ve dug down to find out more about a subject that turns out to be fascinating. Here are five fun drain facts to know.

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Drains date back to 4,000 BCE

The earliest drains, a cornerstone of modern infrastructure, can be traced back to 4,000 BCE. The ancient Mesopotamians were big fans of drainage systems, using them to irrigate fields and manage their water supply. These innovations allowed this ancient civilisation to flourish and thrive.

The Romans loved to bathe

Ancient Romans loved bathing so much that Rome boasted 11 public bathhouses and an astonishing 850 private baths. The Cloaca Maxima, or Great Sewer, handled drainage for the city and is part of a complex drain system that is still used today.

The Thames used to be London’s main sewer

Londoners built a modern sewage system in the 19th century to handle the city’s waste. Mainly constructed from brick, London’s sewers have withstood the test of time. Unsurprisingly, they also played a significant role in improving Londoners’ health. This robust system is still used, handling 39 million cubic metres of sewage daily.

Clogged drains are bad for your health

In 2021, a fatberg the size of a double-decker bus had to be removed from below London’s streets. Clogged drains can harm your home’s infrastructure, create nasty smells and act as a breeding ground for bacteria. As part of your regular home maintenance, investing in professional drain jetting Reading is a good idea to keep your home healthy.

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Blocked drains could affect your broadband

Did you know that broadband cables often run through sewers? Using the existing infrastructure is a great way to avoid costly disruption and extend the fibre network across the UK. So, regular drain jetting in Reading might keep your broadband connection running smoothly!

Bonus fact: high-pressure water jetting is highly effective at clearing drain blockages and preventing problems from recurring, giving peace of mind.

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