Author: Niru Cates

Do people actually use eye patches?

Eye Patches in Your Skincare Routine: A Complete Guide

Eye patches, those crescent-shaped gel or fabric masks infused with serums, have become a skincare staple. But when should you use them for maximum benefit? This guide delves into the optimal timing and strategies...

What screws are used in orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic Screws: A Comprehensive Guide

Orthopedic surgery relies on various implants to repair and stabilize bones, joints, and ligaments. Among the most crucial of these are orthopedic screws, specialized fasteners designed for the unique demands of the human body.

What To Do If Someone Is Choking

What is Choking? Choking occurs when something becomes stuck in the throat, blocking the airway and preventing breathing. Signs that someone may be choking include difficulty speaking, a red puffy face and evidence of...