Your role as an Activities Coordinator in a Care Home

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  However, when you take a closer look at what role an Activities Coordinator actually plays, I think you will be very surprised!  It’s a very physically active position that takes a lot of stamina, forethought, planning, great communication and listening skills, empathy, patience and a strong mental aptitude.  Planning activities for the residents who struggle with various stages of Dementia isn’t easy, you really have to focus on the needs of each individual and try to put coherent activities plans into place that caters for all of them.  Talking to and spending time with each resident is a very important part of the role as you build up a relationship and trust with each one.

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Artistic and physical activities are very important and help to focus and calm the minds of the individuals taking part.  Receiving comprehensive training on many various aspects of this important role is crucial, attending several First Aid courses, Understanding Dementia courses, Creativity and Physical Activities ideas for Dementia patients, and a Challenging behaviour training course run by a professional company such as Tidal Training.  These specialist, bespoke courses are suitable for anybody working with individuals who may have Challenging Behaviour episodes and teach all sorts of techniques to help staff deal effectively and safely with such an event.

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Working closely with elderly people who are struggling with Dementia is not easy but having all the necessary training makes the role of Activities Coordinator much safer and more effective.

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