Yellow nail polish: is it so difficult to wear? Absolutely not!

One of the must-have colors of the summer is yellow, the summer par excellence, which fills not only the wardrobe but also the makeup with joy and vivacity. Why not flaunt it on your nails? Today we will see how to apply yellow nail polish well to show off a flawless manicure!

I know that many of you find it hard to bring and make the drafting of this nuance homogeneous , it happens to me too. So how to do it? Let’s find out together!

Yellow Nail Polish: is it so difficult to apply?

Yellow nail polish

Surely many of you will have had the problem of never being able to apply the yellow nail polish perfectly, especially if it is pastel or if it contains a percentage of white.

This happens because this particular shade highlights any imperfections in the surface of the nail, peeling of the margin and small streaks due to age. That’s why it gives us the impression of not being very homogeneous!

The solution? Just apply a good smoothing base that can make the nail bed smooth and uniform (even the tip, if flaky and irregular) and make the task of creating a purely summer yellow manicure less difficult !

How many passes do I have to do, because it never dries?

Especially if you are dealing with particularly full-bodied pastel shades you will have to be very patient before using your nails because the yellow nail polish takes a little longer to dry.

It doesn’t always happen, for example fluorescent products don’t have very long lead times, but they are also less opaque . This means that you will have to apply two coats of color to have optimal coverage and therefore, of course, you will have to wait longer!

I have short nails, can I use yellow nail polish?

Personally  I like the yellow nail polish on all types of women, whether they have short or long nails , the important thing is that they are well cared for and not all nibbled, because this color absolutely does not forgive the defects!

On important lengths I recommend a matte or pastel finish , one of the must-haves for the 2015 season. For those who have curtains and squares, a nice fluo yellow is ideal, as long as it is ultra shiny!

And you, have you ever used this shade? Did you have difficulty in drafting? Do not miss all the other articles dedicated to nail colors: you will find tips, combinations, tutorials to show off any shade with ease, even the most unlikely!

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