Nine tips to take care after the summer season

Summer season is the time of year for vacations and getaways . Of days lying in the sun or walks in the cities. Our skin and our hair spend more time in this time exposed to the sun. As much as we take care of ourselves and use photo resists, our skin will inevitably be drier after the summer season. Not to mention the hair. Open tips, dry hair and color totally modified by the effect of the sun So with the end of summer there is no choice but to try to repair those damages and prepare for the inclemency of winter. Here are some tips to take care of yourself after the summer season and recover your best appearance.

Top take care after the summer season

Keep the tan

the summer season

It is clear that we have to take care of ourselves after the summer season. But we would all love to maintain the golden tone we have achieved during the holidays. For this it is advisable to apply moisturizing cream at least twice a day. And of course, avoid exfoliation and very energetic cleanings. As well as cosmetics that include acids in their formulation. If we add to this the consumption of foods with beta carotene, such as papaya, we will help our tan to stay a few weeks longer.

Vitamin C

To recover the skin of the face it is very good to use a serum with vitamin C. The serums allow to use a greater concentration of active ingredients and after the summer season they are the base to recover the hydration of the face. Vitamin C, in addition to acting as a powerful antioxidant, helps to lighten the spots produced by the sun and improves luminosity. Ideally, use a serum with 15% vitamin C and apply it twice a day.

Facial moisturizers

after the summer season

In the market there are infinity of moisturizers. Although what we seek is to hydrate after the summer season, each person has specific needs. Once detected yours you must get a moisturizer to apply at home every day after the serum. With this you will combat dehydration. But also the lack of density and the finest wrinkles. You must remember that before applying these creams you must thoroughly clean the skin of the face and neck.

Facial mask

The drier the skin of your face is, the more you will have to use a moisturizing mask. Ideally, do it every day during the first week. Then you must assess the recovery of your skin. If you think it has improved a lot, go on to apply it twice a week and then, throughout the winter, once a week. It is one of the most pleasant ways to take care of yourself after the summer season. Without leaving home you can give each day a few minutes of relaxation.

Visit to the dermatologist

take care after the summer season

For those who have skin problems with taking care after the summer season is doubly important. Those who have a dermatological problem such as acne, aerospace or seborrhea dermatitis is advisable to go to the dermatologist in September. After the summer there may be reactivation of acne and outbreaks of topic dermatitis in autumn.

Keep protecting the skin

Even if you are already at home and do not expose yourself to the sun every day, keep applying sun protection before going out into the street. The face, neck and hands are exposed all year round to the sun’s rays. With good protection we will help maintain hydration and avoid the dreaded sun spots.

Cut your hair

Do not make a change of look and forget the mane after the summer season. But your hair will come great to cut the ends. That way you will end up with the most punished area and give more strength to the hair. It will even seem that you have more hair when removing the finely tuned and open ends. For the most risky, this moment may be to forget the long hair and move to midi hair that is also trend.

Nourish your hair

Hair after summer season screams for him to hydrate. This will recover the elasticity and brightness. The best way to achieve this is to use a nutritious shampoo. And be constant in the use of the hair mask. Ideally, apply it for a minimum of three times a week. Remember that the occasion must be left to act for at least 20 minutes.

Drink water

discover summer season

The easiest way to take care of yourself after the summer season: drink water. The two liters of water daily can not be missing in our routine. Not only will it help hydrate your skin and give it a better appearance. It also provides energy and cleans the kidneys. And you only have to open the tap to have it at your disposal.

Recommended products

The offer of products in the market to take care after the summer season. Each of us, the travelers of Travel and Style has her favorites. Here we leave you, in case you dare to try them:

  • Moroccan oil oil treatment is recommended by Cristina de Kris around the world . It is a treatment that completely transforms and repairs the hair. In its formula there are proteins, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins that give shine to the hair and antioxidants that protect it. It is a perfect complement to hydrate the hair after the summer season. It can also be used dry.
  • Crees, from Wiry , tells us that he can not do without Nude Guile Prodigious . It is a dry oil that she uses is applied to the skin of the body to recover the lost hydration after the days of beach and sun. It can also be used on the face and hair.
  • Liberace Munificent After-sun is the product used by Cristina de Ida y Vuvuzela to take care of herself after the summer season. Repair, calm and intensely moisturize the skin of the face and neckline. Its active micro-blue algae and pure chronically acid have a powerful anti-aging effect.
  • Sea of A click of the adventure uses the Avenue Mask for its soothing and moisturizing properties. This product helps to recover in a simple way the levels of hydration of the face and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

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