Hair Loss, What To Do?

Against hair loss you need to stimulate the re-growth …

To hair view starting to thin out, who is not a chill down your spine? When talking about the loss of my thoughts immediately flew to the image hair that none of us would want to see in the mirror, that of a person whose hair is now “free fall.” That’s why it’s good to know what you can do, if not to stop the phenomenon, at least to delay the effects. For example, it is possible to act for contrast: if the hair loss begins to accelerate beyond the physiological limits, stimulating the re-growth favors the parts of the scalp, so as to conceal at least to the other the problem.

From this point of view, the secret is to adequately nourish the hair, either through the diet (with a right intake of vitamins, especially of the groups B and E) or with the help of food supplements, but also using professional products for the hair care that are rich of the most effective substances in the action of reinvigoration of the foliage. To combat hair loss naturally we use natural substances; artificial chemical components contained in certain types of products could in fact be counterproductive, so double check the labels! Similar considerations should be made for drugs: there are various aids to grow back, but it should be consumed only after consulting your doctor and possibly a specialist.

Hair Loss

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The hair, in a normal person, is formed by 300 hair every square centimeter; it is good to take this into account more than anything else in order to avoid excessive alarmism: not just some physiological hair on the comb to shout to the danger of falling!

Furthermore, it should also be considered the fact that, if 80% of our hair is made from hair in the growth phase, the other 20% has already passed this stage and approaches the “gap.”

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… Counter the fall and hair loss

There is an alternate way to act against the massive loss of hair: it comes to resort to products and treatments that prevent, slow down or counteract the fall. In the first case, therefore, the application (or the assumption, for foods and drugs) should be made regularly, to ensure an effective preventive effect, and before that the problem is manifest; at this point, in fact, come into play the other two solutions. Again, there are different types of products specifically dedicated to fight hair loss – the so-called “anti-fall”, in fact – as well as natural remedies (wraps and masks made from herbs, foods etc.) and pharmacologic. Again, not be underestimated the factor of contraindications, especially with regard to the drugs.

Hair loss is not a trivial problem, although primarily affecting only on physical appearance rather than health plan: in fact, a survey conducted by Sanders revealed that 47% of respondents (men and women) baldness more or less pronounced is what causes most discomfort, even more excess weight. In addition, this problem is so common to many men but even women: one in four suffer from thinning hair.

Professional products

Shampoos and conditioners can make a very important contribution in combating hair loss, provided they are made with non-aggressive formulations, based on natural essences and are used in the right way: the invitation to rub the hair during appointment it is not random, because in this way it stimulates the circulation and the flow of nutrients to the scalp. Then there are lotions, masks and other products to use before, during or after washing that favor the development of a strong and resistant hair and revitalize the hairstyles brittle or damaged.

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