Easy hairstyles-After weeks looking for alternatives for your party hairstyles , now we are at that moment in which everything returns to normal, with long days of work, in which, make no mistake, what you most need is to opt for comfortable looks to the that you do not have to spend too much time and allow you to extend your rest as long as possible without having to spend hours with the dryer or the irons in hand.
For this reason, we have taken a look at the models , real trendsetters, to see what are some of their options for combing their hair in a simple way on a day-to-day basis. Ideas that, surely, can come well to you if you want to opt for comfort, but without renouncing to show off style in your work days.

The eternal queue

best easy hairstyles

We are not wrong if we say that we are facing one of the most versatile and comfortable easy hairstyles. The pigtail is still our best ally for the day to day if we do not want to wear the loose hair. We have noticed this version worn, a low ponytail, with a stripe in the middle, and a loose strand on the side, to detract from seriousness and give it a more youthful air.

Loose hair

Undoubtedly, Kaia Gerber serves as inspiration for a very flattering hairstyle and, perhaps, the simplest when we wear our hair down, with the straight hair with a stripe in the middle, but not excessively ironed, which is achieved with a work of brushing . Simple, but effective.

The power of the forks

Simplicity does not necessarily mean that you run away from accessories. Kendall Jenner proves it in this hairstyle, which chooses a loose and natural hair, smooth with a line in the middle, but holds his hair with a small pin on the side, giving another air to a hairstyle that stands out for its simplicity.

Low bow

top easy hairstyles

In contrast to the Messy effect , more informal, from other collections, another alternative is the lower, more defined ribbons, such as the one with a rounded finish at the nape of the neck chosen.


The polished mane is a comfortable option to which many models with long hair, such as Taylor Hill, resort. It is achieved in a simple way with a touch of iron, but if you want a more lasting result and get a hairstyle that solves your day to day in the office, there are many techniques of smoothing in the hairdresser that can help you, such as Enzymotherapy, taninoplasty or treatments with keratin.

Curly Pigtail

Josephine Skriver chooses another version of the ponytail, in this case ideal for girls with curly hair, with the hair separated from the face and collected in the crown area, from where the cascade of curls starts. It is a good alternative, also, if you intend to stop by the gym when you finish your workday. An extra: it has a fabulous facelift effect , as Patrick Phelippeau, director of Jean Louis David, tells us, who recommends avoiding doing anything else to wash our hair since it is more difficult to control the hair that is being born, and follow the line of the cheekbones for the desired result.


the easy hairstyles

It is one of the most comfortable options when collecting your hair, separating the hair from the face (a very useful option in the case of having to spend hours in front of the computer). Thus, it allows you to wear your hair loose but with some variant, and give a different touch to your hair. You just have to separate sections of hair on both sides and join them in the back, or choose to comb all the hair back, case of Adriana Lima, holding it with a rubber band or pigtail, while the rest falls loose.

Messy bun

Hailey Baldwin opts for another version of the low bow, with a stripe in the middle and polished if seen from the front, but with a final disheveled air finish. That undone effect at the height of the neck is achieved by rolling the hair and leaving a loose strand.

Soft waves

For all those who choose the comfort of the loose hair in their day to day, it is not a bad option to choose a hairstyle like the model Grace Elizabeth, with soft waves of means to ends, which can be achieved in a simple with the help of the iron or tenacilla. The objective is to give movement to the mane.

10 easy hairstyle ideas for girls

discover easy hairstyles

We know that the daily battle of fathers and mothers with their daughters in the morning will always be how to comb them beautifully and also their easy hairstyle lasts all day. So, if you have daughters with long hair and you are looking for new easy hairstyles at your next important event, we have compiled the best hairstyles for girls with long hair that you should try with your pampered girls right now.

The best thing about these easy hairstyles for girls is that not only will they look beautiful, but in all you care for their hair and keep it collected and arranged so that it lasts much longer. We will leave here these 10 hairstyles for girls that I hope you try soon with your daughters.

  • Picked up with crossed pigtails
  • Modern waterfall braid
  • Horsetail with braids
  • Hairstyle inspired
  • Reverse braid and high horse pigtail with bo
  • Half pigtail with heart-shaped braids
  • Inspired by Princess Anna
  • Congo high with bow to the side
  • Inspired by Princess Aurora
  • Two pigtails with crossed braids

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