What types of pedicures and gel pedicure are there?

Gel pedicure- Did you know that there are different types of  pedicures? In this article we tell you what they are and what each of them is characterized.

More and more people go to a spa or beauty center to get a pedicure. And this is largely due to the benefits of this type of treatment for the health of our feet. However, although in general. The pedicure specializes in the care of the feet, we can choose different types of gel pedicures.

Regular pedicure

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Generally the regular pedicure allows to eliminate dead skin and certain skin conditions such as calluses and calluses. Thanks to the regular pedicure we can also prevent certain diseases that affect the nails such as the case of ingrown toenails. The regular pedicure treatment consists of soaking the feet in a container containing hot water. And salts, and then rubbing the feet with a pumice stone in order to remove the dead skin from the foot area. In addition the regular pedicure involves cleaning and cutting the nails of the toes. And apply enamel according to the client’s preferences. And finally apply a moisturizer and massage the calf and foot.

Spa pedicure

The spa pedicure is similar to the regular pedicure but with a couple of steps. And complementary actions, with which the treatment is longer and more expensive. Spa pedicure treatments usually use a paraffin wax, a mud mask or a salt wash. In general, the spa pedicure consists of immersing the feet in paraffin wax, letting the wax cool down and then releasing the product. This process is repeated in a similar way in the case of the mud mask. In both cases it is sought to eliminate dead skin cells. As for the washing of salt, the function is to exfoliate the feet, remove dead skin and finally moisturize the feet and massage them.

Stone pedicure

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The stone pedicure allows you to relax and exercise your muscles. It is also used to treat discomfort and pain in the area of ​​the feet or calves. In this type of pedicure the hot stones are rubbed under the foot in order to relax the muscles. The session is usually completed with essential oil massages.

As we can see there are different types of gel pedicures. If you would like to learn much more about the feet. Their anatomy, their main affections and the care they require. We invite you to take the course of Aesthetics and health of the foot at a distance . We will wait for you!

Basic equipment for gel pedicure

In this note we tell you what are the main tools that are needed to provide a professional pedicure service. The pedicure is a beauty treatment that consists of taking care of the feet and their nails. A professional pedicure service is recommended both to improve the appearance and to provide greater comfort to the feet. To offer this type of treatment it is essential to have a series of specific elements.

Instruments for a gel pedicure

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A complete gel pedicure treatment includes the care of the feet, the arrangement of the nails and a foot massage to stimulate blood circulation. To perform tasks, the professional needs the following materials:

  • A nail clipper to leave the nails of the feet straight and of a suitable length that does not cause discomfort.
  • A file to shape the nails. By filing we can match the nails and round the corners to prevent them from breaking.
  • A bristle brush to remove any impurities or other enamel left on the nails.
  • An orange stick to push the cuticle backwards and correct errors during the application of the enamel.
  • A cuticle cutter to remove excess skin around the nails.
  • A pumice stone to smooth the feet, especially the heels. Before applying the pumice stone it is recommended to keep the feet in warm water for a few minutes and then exfoliate them correctly.
  • Some finger separators for the final stage in which the enamel is applied.

Aesthetics and Health Course of the foot distance

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As we can see there are not so many materials that are needed to provide a basic pedicure service, which usually involves preparing the feet, soaking them, filing the nails, exfoliating them with pumice and finally applying a transparent glaze and another color. Usually the pedicure session is finished with a foot massage with creams or essential oils.

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