15 facts about keratin straightening of hair that you did not know

In general, what you wanted to know about one of the most popular hairdressing services! What are the criteria for the quality of this procedure, what is the result of it, how to look after hair after and many other questions are answered by the top stylist of the beauty salon “Alexander Todchuk Studio” Ira Sanchez?

In fact, “straightening” is just a marketing move, and the procedure is initially aimed at restoring and treating hair.

The composition with keratin under the influence of high temperature is temporarily “sealed” in the structure of the hair, filling them with glitter, strength and, at the same time, straightening them. On this pleasant “collateral” effect, marketers decided to make an accent. But if you have strong and elastic curls, after keratin straightening they will not turn into perfectly straight. They will be more obedient and curly. Initially, curly hair will become wavy, and wavy hair – more straight. And only on the straight curls of nature, this procedure will result in an ideally smooth, streaming hair with a glossy sheen.

After keratin straightening requires special carekeratin straightening

First, you need to limit yourself to the use of conventional shampoos, prefer unsuspicious. Secondly, for several months you have to give up any oils and masks. Oils weight the structure of the hair, and the masks loosen its cuticle and help wash away the keratin. How long will the result of the procedure depend on your lifestyle? If you go to the pool, wash your head often, go on vacation, where you will bathe in salty sea water under the scorching rays of the sun, the effect will not last long.

If you have painted your hair the day before, consider that after keratin straightening they will lighten a half ton – tone.

Plan the procedure in advance and warn your colorist about it. If you dye your hair along the entire length, choose a shade slightly darker than usual. This rule applies to the palette of dyes for both blondes and brunettes. Read more: 3 depurative and low-fat diets

If you dye your hair, do it before, not after the procedurekeratin straightening

In this case, the color of the hair will last longer, since along with the keratin, the pigment of the paint is also sealed. But if you apply dye after keratin rectification, the effect of the procedure will immediately decrease. An exception is if you only color the roots of the hair. In this case, you can be absolutely calm for the result, since the keratin composition is always applied by the master, having retreated from the roots by 3-4 cm. Read more: How to Create a Better Relationship With Your Ex-Husband

Keratin rectification cannot be done independently at home.keratin straightening

This is one of the most technically complex procedures, requiring the master of high professionalism and strict compliance with the rules of applying the composition. In this case, the experience is also very important. If your master perfectly cuts and dyes his hair, but is a beginner in keratin straightening, it is better to refuse the procedure. The slightest mistake in the composition of the composition and its application, aging or ironing, and at best there will be no effect from the procedure.

If the hair does not get better after the procedure, but vice versa, it deteriorated, in 90% the reason for this was the mistake of the master

After applying keratin must be “sealed” with ironing at a temperature of 230 degrees. If the master applied too little keratin composition or did it unevenly along the length of the strands, then these 230 degrees burn the hair itself. In this case, instead of recovering, they will be even more traumatized.

If, after keratin straightening, hair has become “oily”, quickly get dirty and visually lost in volume, it means that the procedure is technically incorrect

Hair can “get burned” if the master is mistaken in the amount of keratinous composition, has applied too much or overexposed it. The most important thing in this procedure is a refined technique for performing step-by-step instructions. For example, the amount of the product that is suitable for voluminous hair and thick hair, for thin hair will be too “heavy.”

The result of the procedure in many respects depends on how many times the master has walked through the iron on each strand of hair

In some cases, it is necessary to process the strand 4-5 times, but if the curls are too tight and elastic, you may need to repeat this 8-10 times. An individual approach is needed.

 After keratin straightening, you can make a variety of styling and use any styling means.

Wanted to return to curls? You can boldly curl curls, or, conversely, more of them straighten. Hair curlers, tongs, ironing, hair dryer – you can use any tools you are used to. The effect of the procedure will not affect this.

Keratin rectification does not affect hair growth or hair losskeratin straightening

The composition of the product does not come into contact with the scalp. As I said, it is applied, retreating from the roots by 3-4 cm. If you suddenly thought that your hair was falling out more, look for other reasons.

 Keratin straightening does not affect the thickness of the hair shaft, after the procedure, the hair will not become denser

Keratin will make your curls more shiny, elastic, restored and smooth. They will stop fluffing from moisture, become more obedient in any patterns, curls and curls will straighten out. But they will not be quantified anymore. The impression of the volume is created due to the enveloping of the hair with keratin composition. And if you have initially porous and severely damaged hair, in this case, the restoration effect will be most noticeable.

Using this procedure, you can not solve the problem of split ends.

This is nothing more than a myth! Sektshiesya ends under the influence of keratin are not sealed, do not disappear, they remain exactly the same. Solve this problem can only be a haircut. When it is better to do it, before or after keratin straightening, it’s up to you.

Many manufacturers write that in their keratin formulations there is no formaldehyde, in part, this is so

In fact, it can not be part of it, because formaldehyde is a gas whose vapors arise as a result of certain chemical reactions with keratin that occur under the influence of hot temperatures. Unfortunately, during the procedure, it really stands out, but in the minimum amount. To date, the market represents about 10-15 brands that produce compounds for keratin straightening. I work with some, there is practically no smell, in others – it is felt stronger. The choice of a suitable tool also depends on the experience of the master, specialization, and level of the salon. How to make sure that the composition is really harmless?

If the service in the salon has been presented for a long time, the master specializes in it, not for the first year, but the price for it is not lower than the market price, – here are some indirect signs that you can not worry about the result of the procedure and your own health.

 The effect of the procedure lasts about 3-5 months and does not accumulate over time

The keratin is gradually washed out, and the hair returns to its original state. In damaged areas, keratin is not restored, a repeated procedure is required to replace it.

There are no contraindications for this procedure

It can be performed on any hair: curly, wavy, straight, dyed and unpainted, brittle, damaged and healthy, thin and dense. Keratin is a natural protein from which our hair is composed. Restoring it, absolutely any locks acquire vitality and brilliance. If desired, the procedure can be done even for pregnant and lactating mothers. If a good composition is used in the salon and professional masterworks with you, then there should not be any side effects.

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