Sort your house to order your healthy lifestyle

There are not a few people who ask me how it is possible to regain control of your healthy lifestyle through the order of the home. Above all, it is a very common question in interviews.

It is understandable. First, because ordering a problematic or chaotic healthy lifestyle seems a very ambitious, complicated. And sometimes, almost impossible objective. Second, because the home is something so routine, so basic and so tedious, that it seems to have little relevance in something as high as happiness.

First, trust

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Indeed, if your healthy lifestyle is made foxes, you will not fix it in two days.  That’s how it is. However, the first step is, precisely, to take the first step, to start walking. How? With small gestures that make big changes. Teaching you that things can change, that it is in your power to change them.

It’s no use teaching great tricks or giving master classes in psychology. The first thing that must be taught to someone who is lost is that he can do it, that his decisions. And actions are the ones that lead the way.

Most people blame their bad luck and external factors but the reality is that everything is in us, in our inner strength. So we have to start taking small steps that we can then make bigger. We also have to see the rewards to be proud. That is what encourages us to keep moving forward.

Start with the small things

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To achieve that confidence, we start with small and controllable things that make a difference. That’s the menus and your closet and also your small work area. Things that you control. Where nobody is going to get too much and in which only your push is necessary. They are plots in which you will not have external problems.

There you start to see changes, results. Then you feel good and you want more. When you feel convinced. And strong enough you face the next challenge, order the common areas, talk with the family.

If all goes well, your confidence resurfaces. Those days you start smiling when you open the door and look around you. You sit down to read a book for the first time in months at a time you did not have. Before in a corner that you did not have before. And one day, sitting there, you put your head on the earlobe while holding the cup of hot tea with your hands and you wonder why not?

That’s when you changed the chip. That’s when that renewed confidence and that desire for change will take you outside, to work, to your day to day, to the street …

Why the house

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Why order the house, why start there and not for anything else.

The house is a controlled environment, a place where it is easier to make changes without encountering resistance. Not always, of course, but many times. But it’s not just for that.

Your house should be your refuge, your sacred place. It should be that place where you can lower your guard and be yourself. You should sigh with relief when you walk in and throw yourself on the couch and enjoy and recover from a bad day.

Why? Because if it’s not in your house, it’s not going to be anywhere. So clear.

There is no other place in the world where you have more freedom of movement, more ability to make changes, to have everything your way. There is no other place like that where you can be yourself. That is why it is so important.

The houses are the reflection of the people who occupy them. If you are sad, your house will be darker, it will have less light. You will not be aware of that but it will happen. When we are sad we look for darkness, night, blankets.

If you are happy, you will want the light to come pouring in. You will open the blinds with force and run the curtains.

If you are chaotic or depressed, your house will be abandoned, just like your mind and if you are strong, disciplined and sure of yourself your home will reflect it too.

Tips to attract positive energy to your healthy lifestyle

a healthy lifestyle

There are many ways to attract positive energy in your day to day, your home, your work, your relationships …

There are people who professionally dedicate themselves to it and apply to techniques such as  agree to its decoration through the harmony of the objects and materials used.

People are like a magnet, if we emit  positive energy  with our thoughts and feelings, we will attract more positive energy to us. Today I am writing to teach you  how to attract good energies to your healthy lifestyle and how to avoid with the negative invade you.

  • Love yourself and accept yourself as you are, above all things. To attract good health and well being there is nothing better than to let go of everything that is toxic such as negative thoughts and feelings. Be positive  and you will see that you will attract many more positive energies than those that are bad.
  • Avoid thinking about bad things from the past and free yourself from those ties . Stop blaming yourself for what you could have done but did not carry out, because it is impossible to go back in time. Keep in mind that your healthy lifestyle is here and now and not the past or the future.
  • Use your imagination and your creative visualization in your favor and not to the detriment of everything you do. Every time you start a new project do not hesitate to imagine things as you would like them to be and not in a negative way. You will see that  good energies  will come to you sooner than you think.
  • If you have any disease or illness, do not tell about your discomfort to other people, because with this you will only aggravate the symptoms even more. Keep in mind that the more attention is placed on a problem, the more  positive energy  absorbs leaving only the negative. Take care and do things to improve but do not let it consume your energy.
  • Be grateful , and I always say it, because if you do not thank for what you have or if you only do it when everything works well, it is a clear sign of your negativity. If you appreciate all the good things, even small things like the sun that illuminates you or being able to enjoy some time in the open air for example, you will see how you will attract good energies to your healthy lifestyle . And share it with your people, who notice your gratitude, the good is contagious.
  • You can heal your interior. This power arises from positive thoughts and  attitudes . By having good energy the stress disappears and this automatically increases the defenses.
  • Love with all your being since this is the best antidote to  eliminate any negative energy  that wants to enter your healthy lifestyle. Appreciate the good things in healthy lifestyle and love them with passion. Do not let the negative invade you.
  • Be happy, just that. When you are  happy  that helps to keep away the problems and bad energies that lead to stress and other diseases that in the long term bring serious health problems.

As you will see attracting positive energy is not so difficult, you just have to follow these tips and always have a positive attitude in healthy lifestyle. Do you have your particular way attract positive energy?


Recover strength and illusion, regain control of your healthy lifestyle, has everything to do with trust. Start with small things, those that you can do alone and for which you do not need anyone.

Celebrate your small victories. It is important that you be aware of your success, that you see it.

Be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Your house will be a home, it will be easy to maintain, you will get rid of that burden that presses your chest. Trust me but above all trust you because you can.

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