How to combine men’s winter hats

The hat is a masculine accessory that makes us make a difference. It is able to tip the balance towards disaster or the success of our outfit, and never leaves anyone indifferent. As always happens with this type of accessories, there are men who love to wear hats and others who do not dare. But the truth is that a hat is much more than a compliment with which to perfect a look. It is a method of protection from the sun in the summer and from the cold during the winter.

Therefore, contrary to what many people tend to do, hats are also used during the coldest days of the year. They not only serve to cover us from the sun when we are at the beach or pool. And, to help you know how to wear hats in winter, we have asked the Mengual Hats store, expert hat makers, for more than 100 years, for help and we have prepared this article.

How to wear men’s hats in winter

One of the basic aspects when it comes to wearing hats is self-confidence and daring to wear them. Otherwise, no matter how much advice we give you, it will never look like it should. Starting from this base and as we said, hats can become an excellent weapon when it comes to fighting the cold, starting with the head. But it will also help us to protect the ears and the skin of the face. Luckily, the catalog of hats is very wide, being able to find hats for all tastes, from the most daring to the most simple and discreet to be able to go unnoticed.

To know how to combine hats in winter, you must take into account a series of aspects, which will be of great help when choosing the perfect hat model for you:

  • Hats in bold and bright colors such as neon green are often used for risky winter sports. In this way, if needed, they facilitate their rescue. They are also often used by some hunters. In the same way as other colors, also striking, such as red, they are accessories with an informal and sporty style that do not marry a formal look. Therefore, we recommend you use them on weekends but not to go to the office and day today.
  • Dark and earthy colors: gray, beige, brown, black … are the most elegant. Therefore, they are the most suitable to go to work and cause a good image. They are also the easiest to combine.
  • If a hat covers the ears, they are considered less formal. Except when temperatures are extremely low, which then some licenses are allowed.
  • A crowned hat will always be more formal than those with a soft top. In addition, the thicker and softer the material with which the hat has been made, the less formal it will be. The best option to dress is felt hats.
  • The details in the hats, such as the pendants or the fringes, are another aspect that reduces the formality of a hat. So avoid them if possible.

Recommendations for wearing hats in wintermens winter hats

If you have not yet dared to wear a hat, we are sure that like most men, you have in your wardrobe some of the winter models or options for men and you had not realized it. For example, winter hats, a very practical garment for everyday life.

The wool caps are around the garment designed to cover the head area and shelter her since precisely are designed to heat in areas of extreme cold. Originally, wool hats were a very common warm garment among fishermen, sailors, and hunters, who worked outdoors. They are highly recommended since wool is a natural fiber very resistant to water and humidity. It is also breathable and insulating. That is why it keeps our heads warm and comfortable without stress.

When it comes to combining wool hats, the best option is with a casual or sport casual look. The perfect combo would be sneakers, a sweatshirt or a thick wool sweater and a cloth coat. For a more formal look, add a blazer or even a suit.

For greater harmony, use other wool garments with the same look.

Caps are another popular option in recent years. It has a very informal appearance and we can find them in a lot of variants: flat visor, baseball cap … These are more suitable for summer, than for winter and are designed for the sports and informal field.

Felt hats are one of the best options when the cold arrives. We can find them in a lot of models: fedoras, Indiana, trilby, pork pie, cowboy… the list is the most extensive.

The hats or Borsalino fedora type are the best options for perfect wear of a suit. Its wide brim makes some men still not dare with it, because its size is too much for them.

The trilby hat model is one of the most versatile when it comes to wearing it with almost any look. It is a hat closely associated with urban life, which became popular thanks to the James Bond films, starring Sean Connery. The trilby can be found in all kinds of materials, which allows it to be used both in winter and summer. Without a doubt, it is the perfect hat to achieve a modern and hipster look.

The bowler hat is one of the quintessential British symbols and icons. It has a lot of tradition and history. It is a hat with a rounded shape, closely linked to formal suits.

The cowboy hat usually fulfills its practical function in summer, since it is designed to protect the head, face, and neck from the sun with its wide brims. In Europe, it has not gotten to see enough. It is an interesting option to combine with jeans, although we must be careful with the fine line between a perfect look and a look with a costume effect.

50 years ago the hat was a fundamental part of a man’s outfit. In fact, it was considered disrespectful not to wear it. However, to this day, although some men dare again with him, he has ceased to be what he was. A real shame, since this type of accessories waste style 100%.

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