How to use peptide as fat burner?

The drug peptide has not yet gained wide distribution among athletes and the expediency of its use today will be a conversation. Peptide for fat burning is used to date, a number of experiments have been conducted on mice and human cell cultures (live people did not take part in the study of participation).

Experiments with mice showed high peptide efficacy when exposed to beta-3 receptors. At the same time, it should be recognized that in the human body they do not affect metabolism as much as in animals.

When studying the effects of peptide on human cell cultures, the drug accelerated the breakdown of fats. However, this only happened in obese cells, and not in normal cells. This fact does not look promising for those people who are not prone to obesity.

Characteristics of peptides

In bodybuilding, peptides are now used quite widely. This is due to their need for normal functioning of the body, and when used in acceptable dosages they do not cause side effects.

Most often, the field of application of a particular peptide is rather narrow. Basically, each drug is designed to improve the performance of one organ, for example, joints, muscles, liver, etc. It is worth noting that all peptides used by athletes can be divided into two groups:

  • Functional;

Boss Peptides of the functional group begin to work immediately after ingestion, with their effect in the original form. It is this feature of functional peptides that contributes to their rapid effect on the body. They can also be divided into two categories:

  • To accelerate the growth of muscle mass.
  • To enhance the processes of fat burning.

Peptides of the structural group begin to affect the body only after splitting into simpler substances or, in other words, simple chains of amino acid compounds. With their help, the synthesis of protein compounds is accelerated, which is then used as a building material for the creation of new fibers of muscle tissues.

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Also, many drugs belonging to the group of structural peptides contribute to the enhancement of the anabolic background and improve the supply of nutrients to the body. When using them, one should adhere to the recommendations for use, since a high level of peptides of this group can lead to an overabundance of protein. This can cause a negative effect on the liver, as well as disrupt the harmony of the development of ligaments and muscles (the former may be significantly behind in their development).

Also very responsible should be approached and the storage of drugs. Otherwise they can quickly lose their properties. On average, powder peptides may persist for 30 days at room temperature, and if kept in a cool place (refrigerator), up to 80. Peptide solutions are able to maintain their properties for a significantly shorter period of time, ranging from a couple of weeks to one month.

The use of peptide

The drug is available in the form of injections. The total duration of the peptide cycle for fat burning is about two or three months. It is most effective to use the drug between meals. The most common scheme for taking the drug is as follows:

  • During the training the preparation is taken in the amount of 200 micrograms three times during the day. The first reception should be held not earlier than one hour before breakfast, the second one an hour before lunch, and the last one 30 minutes before the start of the training session.
  • During pauses between training sessions, the peptide is also taken three times a day in the amount of 200 micrograms. The first reception should be before breakfast, the second no earlier than one hour before lunch, and the third before going to bed.

It should also be noted that during the course of the peptide method for fat burning, in order to increase the effectiveness of its intake, a low calorie diet program should be followed.

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