The best ideas for dating this summer

Find interesting ideas for dating this summer can be in any season, but it is summer months that can give a bright and rich holiday for two. Ideas for a meeting in the dating this summer – a lot, so we chose for you the best and unconventional. Take on arms and surprise your loved ones!

Dinner on the roof dating this summer of the house

ideas for dating this summer

A romantic dinner on the roof of a high-rise house will be decorated not only by elegant serving and candles. Warm tones of the dating this summer sunset and incredible views from the height will make this moment unforgettable. Read more: What to have a rest in the summer: 5 best ideas

Two in a boat

best dating this summer

Having a rest at the water in the dating this summer heat is especially pleasant, so if you have a park with a lake and hire boats or catamarans, go there. You can take a basket with food and a bottle of wine with you to the boat and, be swimming far away in a secluded corner, to have a picnic on the water. And you can combine a date with bathing. Read more: Make-up Lessons for Gray Eyes

The art of graffiti

If you are adventurers by nature and like to draw, then turn your date into a graffiti session. Look at the uncut wall somewhere in a secluded place (only it is advisable that the object is not a residential house, a shop or a garage, the best option is abandoned industrial facilities), take a couple of spray cans with paint and practice in street painting for a couple.

Horse Entertainment

top dating this summer

The meeting can be turned into a horse riding lesson. If your other half is not afraid of horses, you can safely go to the racetrack. There they are always ready to give a riding lesson on horseback, and it is not worth to be afraid – for the first departure they usually pick the quietest and quietest horse. But how effectively you and your couple will look like riders.


Even in small towns, there are often various tastings. They can be carried out by private companies producing any products, cafes, restaurants, and large shopping centers. Wine, cheese, pastries and other delicacies perfectly fit into the romantic entourage. And to enhance the effect, you can feed each other.

Dance lessons

Many dance studios hold master classes in paired dances. It can be a classic waltz or tango, rumba or hip-hop. And still now the passionate Latin American backchat is very popular, which assumes very close contact with the partner – that is necessary for a romantic appointment.

Flights over the city

If in your city there is an opportunity to make an hero-tour around the neighborhood, be sure to take this chance. On top of the familiar places are amazing views, and you’ll see your city again. Fly by helicopter or on a small private plane – all the same on what, but you will surely remember this appointment for life.

Above us are only stars

If the date is planned in the evening, then do not miss the opportunity to admire the starry sky. It is better if in your city there is an observatory (they by the way often meet in high schools), but it is possible and simple to leave for a city, to lay down on fragrant grass and simply to keep silent, admiring overflows of distant stars. And do not forget to make a wish for a falling star.

Picnic in the park

In any city, there is a park with cozy green glades. Take an example from Americans who like to rest somewhere in the shade on the lawn. Take a plaid, a basket of food and drinks (by the way, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the parks) and go under the cool shade of the trees.

Walking until the morning

a dating this summer

If you met late at night and can not tear yourself apart from each other, do not rush to part. Sit in a cafe, go to a nightclub, and then walk until the morning through the central streets (do not move away from well-lit places) and meet together dawn somewhere on the waterfront.

New impressions: excursion

If you think you know your city well, you are mistaken. A talented guide will tell you a lot of interesting stories about places that you would seem to know as your 5 fingers. Look at your native places in a new way, slowly walk on a warm summer day through familiar streets and look at your city through the prism of a tourist.

Flowers and flower gardens

a dating this summer

A very romantic and beautiful place is a flower garden or a botanical garden. The rosary is even better, but not in all cities. If there are none, then go to the flower market. Maybe there you will be lucky enough to take part in a master class on drawing up bouquets or see how florists work. Do not forget to buy your second half a beautiful bouquet. And here you can stock up rose petals for a romantic date in your home.

Freshness of fountains

In the summer heat, it’s time to rest by the fountain. Look at how children are frolicking around, take a look at the streams of water (this is very soothing), throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish. And you can also arrange a quest and visit in one day all the fountains of the city.

Walking through restaurants

Spend a date in the restaurant – what’s so unusual? And if you arrange a mini-trip to the restaurants of the city and order one dish – in one cafe, the second – in another place, dessert – in the third, and coffee in the fourth restaurant. The meeting will immediately play with new colors and cease to be banal.

Back in childhood: an amusement park

Do you think you are too old to scream on a roller coaster or fly around in an attraction with chains? Not at all, to return to childhood, riding on dizzy attractions is the best way to get a charge of vivacity and fun. Pursuit one after another on the machines on the circuit, go up to the skies on the Ferris wheel, try the most extreme attraction in your park. This is exactly your best date!

Outdoor cinema

If your city has a theater or an open-air cinema, go there. It’s very romantic – to sit, embrace, on a bench under the clouds (or stars) and enjoy not only each other’s company but also a good film.

Festival and exhibitions

If there is a festival or an exhibition somewhere nearby, then it’s possible to hold a thematic meeting. Any theme will be suitable – products, agriculture, sports industry, etc. After all, at any event, in addition to the main program, there are also various entertainment points – fairs, competitions, master classes and concerts. Do not miss exactly.


Just strolling by the handle through the streets of the city is boring. Better sit on bicycles or stand on the rollers and get a lot of fun from the exciting unusual walk. You can make a route so that you can visit places difficult to reach by car or on foot.


Do you think this is a primordially male holiday? It’s not at all – sitting side by side on the bank of a quiet river and peering into the water surface very romantic. You can go fishing early in the morning and meet the dawn in some picturesque place by the water. Just do not forget to stock up on mosquitoes – they have a lot of water.

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