What to have a rest in the summer: 5 best ideas

Summer- It was time for vacations and vacations. Ahead there are so many warm days and a long-awaited holiday! But do not forget about your appearance: you do not have the right to turn into a “pumpkin” for a full vacation. You can put in a suitcase some cool things that easily fit together and do not take up much space.

So, all attention to a fresh selection. Carefully see examples of images and try to repeat. And then you will start to develop the taste and compose new combinations.


A wonderful and most suitable outfit for a hot climate. You put on little clothes – you get a more even tan. Pick up a monophonic krop-something to the shorts or carry the sconce from the swimsuit. On the legs put on woven espadrilles (very fashionable) or sandals. Read more: How to overcome dependence on best selfless


Do you want comfort on vacation? Then choose wide trousers on the overstated waist. Preference is given to such materials as cotton and linen. They promote air circulation and are very pleasant to the body.

Pants are easy to mix with classic tops. And do not neglect the accessories. For example, a straw hat or bag will add a bow of authenticity and stylish sound. Read more: 6 best series to understand life as a couple


Have you noticed how all the stylish bloggers and models literally went mad with these shorts of classic cut from light fabric? And you will understand their madness as soon as you put on your shorts. They look visually expensive and exquisite.

Shorts are quite easy to combine with blouses and shortened tops. The outfit is suitable for active excursions or hiking.


How good to wear a dress in the summer and not think about anything: the wind develops them, the air nicely covers the body. The flower print is a hit of the season, so actively introduce it into the wardrobe.

Lacing at the front makes the ordinary dress special and unique. Freaks add touch to the image.


The thing is very self-sufficient: you just put on a T-shirt with shorts, you throw a kimono over it and the image becomes original. That’s such a power for this wardrobe!

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