How to Achieve Healthy Glowing Skin

Whilst everyone would agree that skin with a healthy glow looks attractive, there are differences in the methods promoted by different experts to achieve the look. From eating vegetables to a London chemical peel, we look at the options.

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Make Up

A comprehensive make up routine is sometimes recommended for a healthy, radiant glow. You may be interested in the Benefit makeup brand. If you are then why not use a business such as .Starting with a moisturiser, create a smooth base for your make up. The next step is to apply concealer all around your eyes and blend in. Using a sponge, dab your foundation on to your nose and chin, blending outwards. You will achieve a more natural look by leaving your cheeks and forehead. Adding blusher and finishing with a sheer, yellowy powder completes the look.

Healthy Diet

According to The Telegraph a study from St Andrew’s and Leeds universities has found that eating the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables can make skin look more healthy and attractive than a suntan. Foods high in carotenoids include carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, spinach and broccoli. Whilst the yellow and red pigments in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables increase the yellowness of the skin, brownness is increased by tanning. Over 75% of people asked to rate the relative attractiveness of carotenoid colouration caused by fruit and vegetables and melanin colouration from tanning in the sun preferred the more natural glow from a healthy diet. The researchers suggested that the natural glow also projected a general impression of good health, making people more attractive to potential mates.

Fake Tans

Writing in The Independent, Rebecca Gonsalves identifies her five best fake tans to create a healthy glowing skin. She says that these have improved over recent years and formulas are now relatively foolproof. Her top five are from the Bodyshop, LancĂ´me, John Lewis, Escentual and Clarins.

Skin Peels

Although not be suitable for everyone, chemical peels can restore the glow to your skin and fade lines at the same time. In The Express Lesley Reynolds writes that even home peels can revive ageing skin and improve dull complexions, and that more serious conditions such as patchy pigmentation and acne can be treated by chemical skin peels in clinics with excellent results.

If your skin has been damaged by overexposure to the sun, a skin peel may be the solution for you.

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