7 original ideas to organize your best friend’s bachelor party

Yesterday your best friend told you that she was getting married. I’m sure you were very excited. But now is the time to go one step further and give her the best possible bachelor party. There are many traditional things that surely your friend expects. But if you want to surprise her, I invite you to create a different party with which to surprise her. I present some interesting options.

Best friend’s bachelor party

Best bachelor party

Beauty day

Do you and your friend love beauty? Well do not hesitate a single moment. Start preparing a bachelor party where the party is set aside and beauty is the protagonist. In this case you should hire beauty services that allow you to get really beautiful and enjoy this type of experience to the fullest. What’s more, once you’re really pretty. It can even be a good option to get out of the way, as long as this plan also suits you all.

Shopping day

Shopping tends to like girls a lot. If you are one of those women who like to buy, this can be a great plan. But you will say, what a bland plan. Well no, because in this plan you have to add some extras. It can be interesting to make these purchases in a limousine to add glamour to the day of shopping. Go to a large city, different from ours to make purchases. And if the budget allows it, it can even be a good option to hire a personal shopper. The important thing is that it is an unforgettable day.

Rural weekend

The bride, your friends and you can book a weekend in a rural house, where you can be away from everything. And create a different and really fun party. And is that sometimes you will have a better time with friends.

After a great party, it will be time to give her an original gift so she will never forget it. For example,  vibrating thongs  are very fashionable. But you can choose among many other gifts. The important thing is to hit and get that moment is really fun. Hence erotic gifts are the main protagonists in this type of events.

Farewell of adventure in nature

Do you like nature and do not want the typical party on the record? It is normal, every time there are more farewells that move away from the traditional to live a different experience.

Keep in mind that you can hire many experiences in nature. In order that all friends have a great time, it is important to take into account the tastes of all and hire the adventures that really allow you to have fun. It is an experience for nothing expensive and that the bride will not forget in life.

Rent a boat

If you have money and want to enjoy a category party, it can be a good idea to rent a boat and have a party on the high seas. It is another option that will allow you to enjoy a different farewell party. Yes, it is a very expensive plan, so each friend will have to put on a good neckline to meet the rent payment. That is why this system is usually only for people with more purchasing power.

An international trip

What better time to take a trip with friends than when one of them is getting married. And is that once you get married, this type of travel will be much more complicated. For all these reasons, international trips to make a bachelor party are becoming more common.

Before making the reservation, it is important to specify that all the friends can make the trip and make a survey of the sites that you would like to visit on that trip. The majority is always the one who wins. Although in this case you will all win because you can have a great time. If you are not sure where to travel, I recommend you read this recommended travel article  , where you can see very interesting destinations such as London, Paris … there are many places to visit.

Spa Weekend

If what you are looking for is to enjoy a few days of relaxation among friends, without parties, without booms, without people … a Spa weekend will enchant you and allow you to come back as new.

It is important to hire a Spa service that puts at your disposal all the services you want to enjoy, that is, you should not hire any spa, but you should hire a quality Spa.

Personally I recommend you to hire an accommodation that is hosted far from your city and if you have money, it may be a good option to host the bride in the best hotel room. After all, she is the star of the party.

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