Ideas to congratulate a friend’s birthday

Friend’s birthday– When someone’s birthday arrives at the end we all end up using the same phrases and expressions and even the same icons if we congratulate you asymmetrically. If you want to be original and surprise your loved ones you have come to the perfect place because here we present a lot of original and different ideas to congratulate the birthday to a friend.

With an original multimedia greeting

best friend's birthday

The classic congratulations or friend’s birthday cards are already quite out of fashion so, unless your friend is a nostalgic we recommend you send a fun multimedia greeting. You can send it directly to your email or Whats App or share a funny You tube video that will be great to wish you friend’s happy birthday and get a smile on your special day. If you also have a hand with this social network we recommend you make your own video and upload it to your networks to surprise you much more.

Send him a personalized cake

Second, another idea that we love is making a personalized cake and sending it home.  Currently you have two options that we love: the first consists of a delicious cake with fondant where you can ask to make an imitation of your friend in sweet practicing your favorite hobbies, with your pet, etc. and it will certainly surprise you because these cakes usually look great. The second idea is to send you a cake with your photo since nowadays they make real wonders in the bakeries.

Breakfast at home and bouquet of flowers

The next option that we recommend to congratulate a friend’s birthday has become very fashionable at the moment and it consists of sending a breakfast to you at home as bouquets of flowers are sent. Currently you can find authentic wonders that come with delicious breakfasts and freshly made and different very nice decorations in both bakeries and florists.

Disguise yourself of congratulation

On the other hand, a very crazy and original idea that surely will not leave you indifferent is disguised as congratulation. As you hear it: introduce yourself in the bar where you have been to have a drink or directly in your home dressed as a greeting and we assure you that you will make your day and make you feel really special with this crazy idea

Write a letter

Although it is a classic, it is certainly one of the ideas that cannot be missed in a list of recommendations to congratulate a birthday. In this case we recommend it only for the best friends, those you have known for many years and appreciate it to the fullest because you can comment on many of your best moments, look for old photographs and even include special details or memories that you have kept for many years to surprise this special person.

Dedicate a song

Another idea that we love is to dedicate a song to your friend. You can also do it in different ways: if you sing or take an instrument you can compose a song or surprise him by playing with the guitar and singing his favorite song in a special place. Otherwise, a call to the radio to dedicate your favorite subject will be a great alternative to surprise this person as only you know.

Congratulate him on social networks

Likewise, we also recommend that you congratulate them on their social networks but that you do not do it like everyone else but you do a cool video, a different monologue, an emotive text, a funny image … Collect your photos and create something different to the height of the your friend’s birthday to be able to surprise you on this special day.

Original ideas for birthday greetings

There are few more beautiful things to celebrate years and be congratulated by your loved ones. This day is very special and exciting for the birthday children as they receive affectionate words from friends and family. Do you want to surprise that special someone in a different and fun way?

Ironic and funny

One of the best ways to congratulate someone special is through irony and humor . If you make him laugh, you will achieve the main goal of birthday congratulations: excite. This friend’s birthday – Only for your eyes” is great if you want to get a smile from a good friend.

I could not think of anything to write to you so please pretend that you are reading something really emotional, maybe even let out a tear, and then look at me and say: “It’s so beautiful; I did not know you could write like that”. And if someone asks you to see the card, reject it and tell them it’s too personal.

Remind him why it is special

Take advantage of its birthday to remind you why he is such a special person for you. He has always been with you in good and bad times, so this important date can help you to thank him for his help and company.

Send him a funny video

Today we find more modern birthday greeting designs than paper or cardboard. On YouTube you have videos of all kinds that will serve to surprise that special person. You can opt for a nice kitten, some funny monkeys or do it in Minion style.

A personalized birthday cake

Another option with which you can also surprise that special person can be with a personalized cake. Give her a cake with a funny picture of her; you’ll see how much she gets excited.

Become your congratulations

We finish this list of friend’s birthday greetings with a different and original idea. Why do not you disguise yourself as a congratulatory? You’ll see how much he laughs when he sees you appear in such a flashy and funny costume. Do not worry because you can do it yourself with a card.

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