How to overcome dependence on best selfless

Almost everybody knows about what best selfless is now, but just in case, I’ll clarify: Selfie (English selfish from self-self, self) is a kind of self-portrait, imprinting oneself on the camera. Since now almost any mobile phone is equipped with a camera and has an Internet connection, making selfish and immediately sharing it with friends is not a problem. Only dexterity of hands and flight of imagination, where to make a frame more interesting! Now you can not get bored in the elevator or subway, in a store or any, at first glance, an unremarkable place. It is better to entertain yourself by depicting different emotions, smiling, winking, or showing the language. Instagram is full of self for any taste and color.

If earlier we were surprised when we met people photographing ourselves, now it is so popular that we take it as a reality. How was I in the zoo and did not do the selfie in the background of a lion aviary? How can I not share with my subscriber’s selfie “I’m standing in a traffic jam / climbing the ski lift/standing in line for the” Book Arsenal “/ drinking coffee in the” Cup “? Yes, that I just do not … And it starts to seem that my life is so full and interesting.

Now, wherever I go, everywhere you can find a background for Selfie. Only as the song “Bandaros” is sung: “And everything seems to be smooth, but …” you do not have time to look back, as your whole life turns into a scenery for the selfie. Let’s try to figure out whether this is a harmless hobby – to catch the moment and capture it in the selfie?

Best selfless: Skip the mainbest selfless

When you try to create an interesting selfie that will bring together many likes, you include creative thinking. Not bad, but, instead of enjoying the real moment, you come up with an interesting composition. If you take the situation with the zoo: you try to twist so that the fences do not interfere and though a piece of the lion climbed into the frame with you. Everything, SELFISH is ready and the lion with his pride of three lionesses has lost all meaning for you. It remains to post to the network as soon as possible and you can drink coffee with a clear conscience. Read more: Beauty Tips: Tips and tricks to always be beautiful!

Although coffee is also a good self, the main thing is to think up a thoughtful inscription: “Delicious coffee, a beautiful day … What else is needed for happiness?” The only problem is that no happiness and does not smell, and you spent 10 minutes to create this is a miracle of creativity. Plus, later, she also responded to the comments with meaningless remarks. This time could be spent on life here and now. To see, hear, feel without having to puzzle, how can I make a selfish poudachnee.

Searching for likesbest selfless

I have friends who are seriously going through if their SELFISH collected a few likes. But the connection of success in virtual space and real life is often minimal. Of course, if you promote your products or services using the page in the Instagram, the number of subscribers and their attention to your person solves a lot. But if you are leading a page for the soul, then it’s not so important how many people appreciated your SELFISH with your favorite dog! You have the opportunity to express yourself through a photo that you, most likely, will not print, which has value only today. Read more: Anxiety disorders: What are the main kinds of anxiety disorders?

Why is it so distressing when the Selfies barely noticed others? Because they did not appreciate and did not give “stroking”. Stroking is the term of Eric Berne (you probably heard about his book “Games that people play”). In a broad sense, this means recognizing the importance and presence of another person. It can be tactile contact, a compliment and other ways of interaction.

We all strive for stroking because they are so enjoyable. With the help of selfish, we get stroking in the form of likes and comments from the series “You are such a beauty/cutie / bobochka” and all sorts of other diminutive names. But how true is this exchange of courtesies? The effect is very short-term, total A Minute of Glory

The secret of the popularity of SELFISH is that we get attention from others. We are looked at, and the more friends/subscribers, the more likes and pleasant comments we’ll get in our address. Loving is inherent in both sexes, and men with the same please post their face with a three-day stubble, as we do the morning selfie “of the type of sleep”. The catch is that attention is absolutely ephemeral. Keep reading

We put on the waitperson, having spent a second watching, and switched to the next news. If you like to photograph yourself – have fun, but do not do it for someone else. Often the most coveted “from that very one” does not come, because your SELFISH is lost in the stream of thousands of others.

Assess the situationbest selfless

Of course, such a diagnosis as “selfimania” or “selfigolism” does not occur in any classifier of diseases. But for many reasons, addiction to Selfie really resembles addiction. One of the criteria for assessing can be the amount of time you spend on your self-portraits, and how often you do the selfie. Because self in the open space, as astronaut A. Hoshide did it, it’s cool, but “that’s already-lost-what-on-account-self” in the next toilet in the next club – not very.

The permissible norm of selfish per week also does not exist, but if you have a memory card clogged with your photos from all angles, it’s worth pondering. And this is not a sign of a great love for oneself. Once again: think how much time you spend on selfie per day? Maybe this time would be useful to you for something else?

So let’s talk

I will not deny that the exchange of self in social networks to some extent replaces communication. The photo was taken from all the same Kiev zoo – and immediately everyone knows where you were today. And if you also write something, then repeat all the girlfriends do not have to, as successfully did the rebranding of the zoo. It is enough to write # I advise everyone and # the elephant is so funny. Conveniently, it seems that it has created its own personal news, and everyone who is interested in your person has read it. Moreover, you choose what you want to please your audience today.

Best Selfies or not selfie?best selfless

Selfish can be just a hobby and a dangerous addiction that will take your time. That you are not sucked into the funnel of endless photos of more and more new moments, you need to honestly answer yourself just a couple of questions:

What is behind my desire to permanently do SELFISH? If this desire to fill the void, attract someone’s attention, find a guy, show everyone what you’re cool, maybe you should look for other ways to meet this need. After all, SELFISH is only one of the possible options, but not the only one.

Am I really happy with my life? Often there is nothing to do, we artificially create events and glue a false smile. But in this way we just run from the problem and spend our energy on “maintaining the facade”, and not on the transformation of our life.

What would I do if I did not do the selfie? Do not skimp on options and seriously approach this issue. After all, our time is a limited resource, and as long as you are doing the hundredth LIFO, you do not create your startup, you do not learn to play the violin, you do not swim in the pool, and many more do not.

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