How to recover correctly after training: 4 stages of the rest phase

Whichever your training is – power or aerobic, the muscles need a recovery program. The rest phase is called post-training. Doege last meters or “finishing off” the gluteus muscle, remember – ahead of you waiting for rest. In order to fully recover, follow the following steps.

Rest phase: Coolrest phase

A sudden stop of physical activity can cause a flush of blood to the legs, blood pressure will drop and you will feel dizzy. Cooling is also important after the strength training. After lifting weights, make a dynamic stretching. This way you will lower your heart rate to the normal level. Read more: Psoriasis: causes, symptoms to recognize it and effective natural remedies

Rest phase: Be a cat

After any kind of fitness, the muscles are more elastic and flexible. This is the best time to stretch, in addition, it will help relieve tension from training and reduce sensitivity in the body the next day. Thanks to the stretching, the blood circulation improves and the muscles recover. Read more: These three plants relieve inflammation and pain better than drugs

Rest phase: Restock your inventoryrest phase

During any movement, the body spends water. After intensive training, you must replenish the fluid reserves – this helps to reduce the sensitivity of muscles, increase strength and flexibility. To understand how much water is needed, stand on the scale before and after training. The difference is the amount of fluid you lost.

Rest phase: Relaxrest phase

The opinions of the researchers about the massage were divided: some are confident that it does not play any role in recovery after physical exertion; others believe that massage can accelerate rest at a maximum of 50% and reduce inflammation in the muscles. Here the choice is yours. Try it, if you feel better after the message, then it’s worth continuing.

Working in the recovery phase, remember that all actions are aimed at the growth of your muscles, and hence the improvement of the figure. So do not be lazy, but work hard during the “rest”.

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