8 Tips For Those Who Want To Start Doing Crossfit

The basis of Crossfit returns to a functional and intense training that prepares you to be ready for anything from both an athletic and a mental point of view. If you are thinking of starting to do Crossfit here are 8 basic tips to get the most out of training, health, and fun …

Start from the base: The technique

Of course, the idea is to get to the power levels of the most advanced Crossfitters, but the power is the top of the training pyramid, while the base from which to learn is the correct movements and the correct technique of performing the exercises, even without overloads. Yes, any good Crossfit trainer first teaches the technique without weights and only then starts putting loads into the WOD, the Workout of the Day. Skipping this stage will certainly prevent high levels of fitness. Guaranteed!.

Do not stare at the repetitions

It is the consequence of the previous point: if to chase the number of repetitions you give some shortcut on the technique at the end you suffer but do not take advantage of it. Crossfit is a sport in which the biomechanical technique of performing the exercises is functional to obtain the results, and any good trainer will be satisfied with less repetition performed correctly than completing all the repetitions of a WOD in some way.

Do not experience training as a race

The competition is part of Crossfit as well as any sport and can be with oneself or with others. But especially at the beginning of the Crossfit course, aiming at results, in terms of repetitions, training frequency and increased loads, is the shortest route to injury and abandonment. Of course, you often train in a group, but this does not mean that you should immediately be at the level of others. And you return to the starting point: first the correct technique and then the increase of repetitions, frequency, intensity and volume of the workouts.

Avoid overtraining

Crossfit is adrenaline, once tried it pulls you in and it can be difficult to find the right balance between training and rest: either because the community pulls you in, or because the improvements are obvious, or because the challenge with your limits is the essence of this sport, the risk at the beginning is to overdo it. Each one has its own level of fitness, and the best thing is to respect it and gradually increase it: any good trainer will advise on the alternation of training and rest, considering the best part of the process of improvement of attention to diet, continuous rehydration, sleep true but also complementary and corrective exercises. After workout, it is better to sit back at your home and enjoy sports online, you can even bet on sports at William Hill to make sports more excited.

Adjust the Workout of the Day to your skills

WODs are communicated the same for everyone, but not all of them are the same and knowing how to adapt the demands of the workout to one’s own abilities is fundamental to proceed with progressive increases. Adapting means reducing the loads, or repetitions, or even the series or even the intensity of the exercise based on your level of fitness and adaptation is one of the great secrets of Crossfit.

Always warm well

It would be superfluous to say it, but it is not useless: heating is the fundamental part of every training and every race. And then it is not right to make discounts on heating to gain a few minutes: the heating in Crossfit aims to increase body temperature, blood flow in the muscle tissues, the range of movement specific for the exercises that will be done and mentally relive the motor schemes to be executed. That’s why heating in Crossfit is extremely dynamic and varied and different every time depending on the WOD.

Do not forget mobility and joint flexibility

One perhaps does not associate the concepts of mobility and joint flexibility with Crossfit, yet these two characteristics are fundamental for becoming an advanced Crossfit athlete: they are used to correctly perform the movements, to increase the range of movement and to reduce the risk of injury. Always good to keep it in mind, perhaps starting from the minors of a foam roller.

Dedicated to recovery

Recover means to eat but also to eat and drink properly, above all (but not only) after a Workout. Diet and post-workout recovery meal are among the cornerstones of Crossfit’s philosophy: eat and drink correctly in the 30 minutes of time following the end of training with a balanced mix of proteins and carbohydrates to stimulate the cellular reconstitution of the muscles and fight muscle catabolism. And you sleep too: the little sleep stimulates the production of cortisol, which causes the accumulation of fat thwarting the efforts of training.

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