Advantages of Preschool Programs

As your children approach school age, you may be considering a preschool or daycare program to help get them ready for kindergarten. There have been many studies done on the advantages of starting voluntary pre-kindergarten, VPK between three and five years of age, including easing into social interactions, preparing for school and providing a larger range of activities than most children can get at home.

Social Interactions

Social interactions help children learn and model appropriate public behavior, learn about healthy friendships and experience new customs and traditions. Preschools can help provide these interactions in an environment focused on education. When you are looking for a VPK Tampa school, it is important to ask how the curriculum encourages group activities and social skills which fit your family values.

Kindergarten Prep

Preschool curriculum is designed to give children a boost in key areas before hitting kindergarten, and not just in subjects like the alphabet and counting. Introducing your children to an environment more formally structured than most daycares and yet less structured than most kindergartens can help ease them into the demands of school with less stress and more confidence.

Activity Variety

Preschools offer a wide range of activities such as music, sports, art and dance to help them learn key concepts for cognitive, social and emotional growth. Many of these activities will be ones you would not have thought of and can be done better with a class than with an individual. This gives your children a chance to see that learning can be something fun to do with friends.

Putting your children in preschool programs can offer them, and you, advantages that you may not think of. Not only will they be learning some key fundamentals needed for kindergarten, they can make a variety of new friends and take part in group activities. Studies have shown that preschools offer a chance to ease children into the formal environments of school and give them the confidence they need to thrive.

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