6 best series to understand life as a couple

Who said that life as a couple is simple? We need to understand life it with experience and also with the experiences of others. That’s why the series can help us face everything.

6 best series to understand life as a coupleunderstand life

Now that we are in the Netflix era and that the series is a topic of conversation, we can take the opportunity to choose some that allow us to understand life as a couple. Through drama or laughter, the following will help us understand how to ‘live by two’. Read more: 8 Tips For Those Who Want To Start Doing Crossfit

If you want to find a better plan for Friday night, or you think your relationship has ‘cooled down’ a bit, nothing better than some fiction in the form of episodes of less than an hour to improve the situation.

Why watch series in pairs?understand life

After some time of the relationship, and especially on weekends when it’s cold or raining, the best plan seems to be to stay in bed or on the couch for a television marathon. Watching movies or series as a couple can be beneficial since it strengthens the bond between the two.

In addition, closeness and commitment are encouraged, conversation and complicity issues increase, “internal” jokes about a character, chapter or situation appear and even better conversations at dinners or outings with friends. Read more: ix Reasons Why Many People Prefer Online Pharmacies

In short, the series creates a sense of shared identity, which allows them to connect with the other, to be in tune (or one could say in the same season). Depending on the series or theme chosen, you can even encourage a night of passionate sex. They are all advantages!

What series to see to learn from life as a coupleunderstand life

Now that you know what the benefits of watching a series with your partner are, it’s time to choose which one you can watch together. At present, we can find a host of episodes, seasons and complete series that teach us what life is like in a couple. Among them we highlight:

Master of none

Aziz Ansari gives life to a young single who lives in New York, in the style of “Friends” and “How I met your mother”. But in this case, it adds a very characteristic humor of the actor of Hindu descent.

Dev (Ansari) will explain what it is like to see all her friends married and with children, have sporadic relationships with girls that would only be one night and enjoy first missed dates. Beyond the anecdotes, “Master of none” teaches us about relationships and transformations.

 Man seeking womanunderstand life

We tend to stereotype the love and focus on dating or relationships that have been a failure … However, this series gives a return to history, since the protagonist is a man, which tells how it is to survive a break and look more than sex in other women.

Josh is the name of this young man, who has a list of missed appointments really interesting and for the crazy moment. Laughter is assured episode after episode. Meanwhile, this unfortunate boy pursues the ‘ideal love’.

Why watch this series to understand life as a couple? Because it shows us how many times we try to find the perfect and we do not pay attention to the small details.

Loveunderstand life

In theory, this series is typical of when a boy and a girl know each other … and everything that happens to them as they begin their relationship. But it is much more than that. Love is about a very uneven couple composed of a young introvert and a woman with a more than complicated temperament.

It is a very real story in the sense of the problems, situations or existential questions that we humans do. Sure they will feel identified chapter after chapter. Best of all, we can learn that despite the mistakes, we can (and must) move forward.


Here we have a story that brings together eight couples who want to live fully and honestly with their emotions and feelings. Of course, not everything is ‘color of roses’ and must go through many challenges: age difference, professional success, distance, friends, family, prejudices and even gender roles.

Easy is an ideal series to watch two because, despite what it seems, it is a comedy and not a drama. Perfect to take away the stress of the day! They can enjoy it after dinner and go to sleep with a smile.

You’re the worst

Perhaps this series allows us to understand life as a couple or the situations before becoming one. Meanwhile, you will know a lot about a current generation where sex is often confused with love.

Basically, it is the story of a young Englishman who at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend meets a girl and sleeps with her. But what was supposed to be a night of sex and nothing else, becomes a ‘couple project’ because they decide to give love a chance. Of course, with more than fun situations included.


A series that will undoubtedly allow you to understand what life is like in a couple. Perhaps, for some, it seems a bit pessimistic if they are recently in a relationship, but for others, it is the best way to know that problems, routine and boredom are present in the long term.

In each episode, we can see how their characters do the impossible so that their marriages or courtships work. And they make us ask: what comes after the ‘happily ever after’ that they tell us in the stories?

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