How fun to spend a children’s birthday – a selection of interesting contests for children

How fun to spend a children’s birthday – a selection of interesting contests for children from 5 to 11 years.  To the children’s birthday turned fun and left in the memory of the birthday boy and invited a lot of vivid memories, you need to take care of many small things. Decorating the room, festive table laying – it all matters, but do not forget about the entertainment program, so that young guests do not get bored during the celebration.

Event spore offers you a selection of contests and games that children like from the ages of 5 to 11 years. They can be carried out in a standard two-room apartment – it’s enough space! In order to be more convenient to choose, all entertainment is divided into several groups: active, musical, comic, artistic-applied, theatrical, intuition competitions and photo contests.

Children’s birthday: Earth and sky children's birthday

This is a variation of the usual game of catch-up. Players who stand on the floor are on the ground, and the presenter can catch them, and those who jumped on the bed climbed into a chair, an armchair or somewhere else – “birds in the sky”, they can not be caught. Read more: 8 Ways to Become Spiritually Powerful

Bowlingchildren's birthday

For the game, you need two sets of pins. Suitable bought or homemade, made of plastic bottles. For stability in bottles, you can pour coins or croup. You can knock down skittles with ordinary balls. The most accurate players get surprised prizes from the bag! Read more: Why Your Training Needs to Incorporate Swimming

Ringschildren's birthday

Task: throw the rings so that they are worn on a holder mounted on the floor at a sufficient distance from the players. Holders and multi-colored rings are sold in sets. Points are awarded for a successful throw, and at the end of the game, the winner is determined.

Darts with balloons on Velcro

The stores sell sets for playing darts with balls on suckers or Velcro. The goal of the game is to hit the target with a ball. Such a match can be held in the form of an independent contest or be part of another game, for example, in pirates.

Cat and Mouse

Everyone knows the game of “cat and mouse” can be made more interesting by replacing characters. Instead of a cat, let it be an evil sorceress (dragon, ghost), and instead of mice – princesses or other good characters, in accordance with the script.


The leader turns away or leaves the room, and all the others join hands and “get confused”. The task of the facilitator is to unravel the “tangle”, returning all to the initial position. It will be more interesting if the players have roles, for example, the presenter is Snow White, which should help the dwarves. Or the presenter is a mother-goat, and the other players are seven (five, six) kids who the wolf has entangled or they have become entangled themselves, and now they can not unravel.

Relay Gameschildren's birthday

A variety of relay race is chosen, given the age of the young participants. Small can run with soft toys, balls, sweets, older children – with plastic cups of water. You can take two identical designers and arrange a competition between the two teams. The first participant from each team puts one piece, the second attaches the other, and so on. The task: to assemble a house or other structure while a song or music is playing. The team that will better cope with the task wins.


Songs for karaoke should be prepared in advance, for example, to download in advance, so as not to waste time on the choice of the catalog, otherwise, the children will quickly get tired. The speakers and microphone must be of high quality. Such fun is pleasant to children, but it is necessary that one of the adults helps remember words and prompts when to start singing.

Dance competition

In advance, learn a few simple dance movements that children can easily repeat. The funnier the dance floor, the merrier the contest.


This game many people know from the movies. Two keep a stick on the face of the tallest of the children. Participants pass under the stick to the music, while you can not turn back or sideways. Then the stick is positioned 10 centimeters below, and so after each pass. A participant who failed to pass under the cane is eliminated from the game.

Cheerful orchestra

A simple, but the very fun game. The orchestra can consist of any “instruments” that are capable of sounding, squeaking, whistling, making noise, cracking – in general, making any sounds you want. Suitable children’s toys, rattles, talking dolls and little animals, spoons, lids and rustling packages. Even jars of coins are welcome.

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