Can you get a Greek study visa?

The prospect of studying abroad is always an enticing one for students wishing to absorb a new culture, language and experience, and Greece is a hot destination for its quality of life overall. But is it possible to get a Greek study visa? Here’s what you need to know.

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The Different Types of Greek Visa

In common with other European countries, there are different methods of getting a visa for staying in Greece. If you want to move to Greece citizenship by investment, naturalisation, and qualifying on a points basis are the ways to do this. But for students looking to experience Greece during their studies, a Greek study visa is the best option. This can easily be organised with the help of a visa specialist such as

The Paperwork you Need

Perhaps the biggest hurdle in applying for your Greek student visa is preparing all of the paperwork. In common with the citizenship by investment visa, you’ll need to provide evidence that you have the necessary funds to support yourself while you study. You also need to provide the following:

– Application form for a long-stay visa, with the relevant study section completed.

– ID photos, which conform to passport criteria

– Proof of English language or Greek proficiency, depending on the nature of your study programme

– Proof of medical insurance

– Proof of status

– Means of subsidence of 400 euros a month minimum

– Medical certificate

– Certificate of criminal record

– Consent from parents if you are aged under 18.

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The Process

You will need to submit the correct forms, have an interview with the relevant consulate, and then pay your visa fee before it can be processed. A specialist lawyer can advise on the process and help it happen smoothly and quickly.

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