Winter Care for the Elderly

The cold winter is starting to bite as temperatures have dropped dramatically in the UK over the past few weeks. Cold weather is not something that many people enjoy, but it can be life-threatening for elderly people.

Many elderly people suffer from health issues due to the cold as winter approaches. The body can become susceptible to illness as people age because it takes longer to warm up. As soon as the cold starts, respiratory problems may occur. These can be life-threatening. According to a general guideline, the temperature in the living room should be 21 degrees Celsius and that of the bedroom at 18 degrees Celsius. However, many older people live with temperatures much lower. You can help the elderly during winter by doing a few simple things.

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If they’re struggling to get things done, check in more often. Check the temperature of the room and ask about their health. Make them warm food. It doesn’t have to be an expensive meal, just a bowl of warm soup in a tin can will do. Stock up on tins if they find it difficult to go shopping. Make sure they have enough warm clothing and blankets at home, such as wool socks and slippers.

Make sure everything is ok with their heating system. A faulty boiler is a nightmare in the winter. For advice on Boiler Repair Cheltenham, contact a site like HPR Services Ltd

During winter, it can be dangerous and difficult for elderly people to venture outside. You can go shopping for them if conditions are icy or pick up any prescriptions they may need. Check with the local pharmacy to see if they offer prescription delivery. You can also help by gritting or salting the steps and paths outside their home and garden. You can get grit bags for free from your local council.

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Encourage them to apply for any benefits that they might be missing out on, such as help with energy payments. Check if they’re struggling to pay bills and thus, not turning the heating on. It’s possible that they don’t claim all the benefits to which they are entitled. You can use an Online Benefits Calculator. It is a wonderful way to help an older person maintain their independence. This will alleviate their worries about the heat, and you can assist them with any daily needs they may be struggling with.

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