Dry and chapped lips: causes and remedies to moisturize the lips

Dry and chapped lips are a problem that many people have in common: it is more frequent in winter but can also occur during the hot months and it is possible to prevent and contrast it with effective and economic natural remedies. Let’s see which ones.

The dry lips are characterized by excessive loss of water causes dehydration, cracking and sometimes tiny unsightly and annoying cuts. The dry lips can also appear more dry, thin and less bulky, since the lack of water causes a loss of tone and firmness.

In case of dry and chapped lips, even the lip contour is affected and, in this area, wrinkles and creases can more easily form.

The causes of dry lips can be different and, almost always, are to be found in environmental factors. However, the natural remedies to combat dry skin are simple, inexpensive and affordable for everyone and by following our advice, you can have softer and skinless lips in no time.

Let’s see then what are the causes of dry lips and what remedies to moisturize the lips and prevent them from cracking.

Dry and chapped lips: The causes

As we have mentioned, dry lips are due to an excessive loss of water, which evaporates from the epidermis leaving it dehydrated and more prone to chapping and becoming fixed. The main causes of chapped lips are atmospheric agents: too intense cold, the wind, but also the sun’s rays, can in fact increase the evaporation of water from the tissues, causing dryness of the lips.

The lips can appear dry and chapped also due to vitamin deficiencies or due to an important dehydration of the organism. Vitamins are essential molecules for our body and must therefore be taken regularly with the everyday diet. It is therefore important to follow a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, which ensures the body the vitamins necessary for well-being and beauty.

Then remember to hydrate by drinking water, tea and herbal teas, possibly without sugar and try to avoid smoking, which also causes dehydration.

A last possible cause of dry lips is to be found in taking medications: some drugs used for example in the treatment of acne cause severe dryness of the skin, mucous membranes and lips.

Dry and chapped lips: Natural remedies and practical advice

1) Hydration and vitamins to the body

Taking water during the day is important to keep your body hydrated, including your skin and lips. The body derives hydration from the water we drink but also from tea, herbal teas and food, especially fruit and vegetables. To counteract dry lips, we therefore remind you to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day, unsweetened teas and herbal teas and never to miss seasonal fruit and vegetables on the table. In addition, taking seasonal fruits and vegetables helps prevent vitamin deficiencies that can cause dry lips.

In particular, a deficiency of B vitamins and iron can cause dry and chapped lips. Vitamin B can be found in good quantities, as well as in fruit and green leafy vegetables in beer yeast and whole grains. Iron can be found not only in food of animal origin, but also in legumes, dried fruit and some vegetables. We remind you to associate the vegetables with vitamin C (for example by dressing salads or legumes with lemon juice) to better assimilate the iron content.

Furthermore, it is better to avoid sodas and drinks rich in sugars because they could take water away from the body rather than hydrate it, in addition to supplying too much glucose and unnecessarily increasing the calories ingested during the day.

2) The lip balm: How to prepare it at home

The lip balm is a cosmetic product formulated with lipid substances, the skin, prevent water evaporation and attract water from the inside. By regularly applying a lip balm, they will remain soft and hydrated and you will avoid the formation of cuticles and annoying cuts or splits.

The lip balm can also be made at home by mixing equal parts shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil.

To prepare it, melt about 3 grams of these three ingredients in a bain-marie, combined with one gram of beeswax or vegetable wax (for example, you can use mimosa wax). When the mixture appears fluid, pour it in a small clean and dry jar or in a container for lipsticks. Eventually you can add a drop of mandarin essential oil to perfume and give elasticity to the lips, or opt for the tea tree essential oil useful to prevent the appearance of herpes.

Let the lip balm cool at room temperature for 24 hours before using it and keep it away from light and heat. Eat the lip balm within three months.

3) Applications with shea butter

If your lips appear very dry and chapped and have small cuts on the sides, intervene by applying a veil of pure shea butter several times a day. Shea butter is a natural product with anti-inflammatory and healing properties and will help the skin to heal quickly, in addition to softening the lips, keeping them hydrated and preventing them from chapping. Apply shea butter to your lips even before going to sleep, to allow it to act overnight.

4) Do a gentle lip scrub

If the lips have cuticles but do not have signs of irritation or cuts, you can try to eliminate them with a delicate lip scrub based on brown sugar and olive oil.

To prepare it, just mix a teaspoon of brown sugar and a teaspoon of olive oil on the spot and gently massage it on the lips for a few minutes. Then remove the product residues with lukewarm water and apply the lip balm. Repeat the treatment at most twice a month : it is a slightly aggressive remedy for the lips, which is better to use only if you need perfect lips at the last moment, perhaps for an important appointment.

Be careful not to massage the scrub too long or with too much force, otherwise you may irritate the lips. If a little product is left over, you can use it for your face or hands: even in this case, the skin must be intact and free of irritation and inflammation.

How to prevent dry and chapped lips

Let’s see some good habits to prevent lips from drying out and cracking …

  • Remember to often apply a natural lip balm both during the winter months and during the summer, especially outdoors, when the lips are attacked by cold and wind in winter and by the summer sun.
  • If you are taking medications that dry your skin and lips, increase the number of lip balm applications throughout the day.
  • Avoid applying cheap and low-quality make-up products as they may interfere with the physiological functions of the skin of the lips and cause dehydration, dryness and chapping. So choose lip balms, glosses and lipsticks of good quality and with natural ingredients.
  • Do not nibble your lips, as you will irritate them and create chaps that could be difficult to heal, especially if you are subject to dry skin and lips.
  • Take care of your diet, eat at least five portions a day of fresh or raw and cooked fruit and drink at least a liter and a half of water to hydrate the body and provide it with vitamins and minerals essential for the health of the whole body, including that of skin and lips.
  • We await your comments with the methods you have found most effective for fighting dry and chapped lips.

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