12 cosmetic tricks to show off a more expressive look

Depending on the shape of the eyes and face makeup, techniques and colors will be different to achieve the desired look and effect on each occasion.

Daily application of makeup has become one of the essential steps of the routine beauty of all women. This can highlight the main features of the face to look more beautiful and attractive.

However, when appropriate techniques and products do not know it is common committed some cosmetic errors. The greatest difficulties occur in the eye area, which play a very important role to achieve expressive look. This time we want to leave you 12 good cosmetic tricks that will serve to be dressed up to perfection without spending much time.

expressive look

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1. Make up your eyes by shape

To choose the most appropriate makeup is important to recognize the shape of your eyes. Thus ascertains with the type of false eyelashes, the outline and the colors that you will use.

2. Apply the smoky style

The smoky eye makeup style is a method that has been recommended for a look more sensual and deep. If you do not know how to do, draw a hashtag (#) on the eyelid and then blend it with a brush.

3. Verify that your mascara is liquid

Before applying mascara on the lashes is important that you check if it liquid enough to fix a thin layer. When the product begins to dry it not curls well and leaves lumps that look pretty bad. To prolong its life, put a few minutes in a glass of hot water and proceeds to use it immediately.

4. Increase the volume of eyelashes

The application of compact powder before using the mask is an excellent trick to give a volume effect to the eyelashes. This leaves no lumps and makes them look much thinner.

5. Line your eyes

The delineated cat eye style is a great option to enlarge the look and give it a touch of sensuality. So you complicate not doing, draw contour lines first and end with stuffing.

6. Achieves perfect curly

Lashes play a major role in the makeup of the entire face. It is not always easy, especially when they are too short. The first trick is to put nice to leave behind a small cardboard or spoon so that the mask does not stain the eyelids. In addition, if you are using the curling iron, I heat it up a bit with the hair dryer to give better results when using it.

7. Take care of the eye area

The presence of puffiness and dark circles is not something you give a good image to the face. To avoid them, sleep well and apply cold cucumber or potato slices.

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8. Use white eyeliner

White eyeliner is a great ally to enhance the colors of the shadows on the eyelids. You only have to apply one coat prior to painting.

9. An alternative to liner

If the pencil or liquid eyeliner is not your options, do not underestimate the power of the dark shadows. Its texture, they are very easy to handle and leave no gaps in the lash line. It is recommended for those with a space cut down on your eyelid.

10. Use the concealer correctly

The application of concealer makeup will look natural or, conversely, can make other products are noticed. For this to not happen, draws an inverted toward your cheeks and filled with a thin layer triangle.

11. Choose an appropriate size false eyelash

Eye! At this point many make mistakes. Which some eyelashes are very long does not mean to make the most attractive look. The size should fit the eye and in relation to the distance of the eyebrows. Those that are too long or populated wasters look natural.

12. Create the best design for your eyebrows

The thick, bushy eyebrows are the latest trend in makeup. However, consult with professional stylists you will see that these do not fit all types of faces. It is important that you analyze your look without any product, and the size of the eyes and the distance between them.

By following these simple tricks in your beauty routine you will get the effect you want in your eyes without having to complicate both.

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