Benefits of Medical-Grade Skin Care

Many people choose to use over-the-counter skin care products since they’re readily available and often cheaper than professional skin care. However, there are many reasons that medical-grade skin care may be the best option for keeping your complexion healthy and beautiful, especially if there are certain conditions you want to treat.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredients used in medical-grade skin care are often higher quality in terms of effectiveness since more effort and resources have been put into developing and researching the best ingredients and combinations of ingredients for certain conditions and skin types. Professional products are often more expensive for this reason, but you will get great value for your money. Your skin should be treated with care, so safe, quality ingredients are important to consider in your products.

Effective Treatment

Over-the-counter products are limited in terms of the percentage of certain ingredients they can include, while medical-grade products are allowed to contain higher potencies of the active ingredients that treat your skin. These ingredients are often also in a more stable form in professional products, meaning that their full strength will be maintained through storage and application. For both these reasons, medical-grade treatments will penetrate your skin more deeply.

Proven Results

Another major benefit of medical-grade skin care is the amount of research that goes into the products. Compared to over the counter, these products undergo thorough testing and clinical studies before they are sold to the public. This means that they have been proven to be safe and effective, and there are studies to back that up. Unfortunately, over-the-counter products are often not required to undergo extensive research.

If you’re debating between using over-the-counter skin care products or spending a little more on professional products, it may be worth the splurge to make sure your skin gets the best treatment. Talk to your dermatologist to determine the best option for you, and you’ll have a glowing complexion in no time!

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