Causes red eyes: It is not only allergy!

Comes the spring in many are seeking remedies for red eye causes, a problem that plagues many people. But what are the causes of bloodshot eyes? It is often considered the origin delivering this problem the spring allergy, but it is not always the case: learn to distinguish the causes and symptoms are critical to the welfare of the eyes.

What to do then? First we must understand the causes of this redness: the green season brings with it an explosion of pollen allergies and causes several problems to the eyes, including:

  • Redness of the sclera (apart usually white) eye.
  • Burning and watery eyes
  • Blurred vision, and extreme sensitivity to light

Causes red eyes

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These are symptoms that can strike in the form more or less intense in spring and often speaks out of turn of allergic conjunctivitis: red eyes are not only synonymous with allergy! There are small but important differences between a rash caused by allergy and other forms of conjunctivitis and it is important to learn to recognize them to use the right remedies.

The conjunctivitis allergy is the most frequent form of outpatient feedback, usually it affects young adults between 20 and 40 years. It is characterized by irritation of both eyes, burning, intolerance to light, but by the lack of purulent secretion. Our nose also helps us to better understand what happens to our body: the allergy, in fact, not only affects the eyes but often causes itching of the nose and excessive mucus production.

The conjunctivitis from bacterial or viral infections is a more intense form of the allergic, and is almost always accompanied by ocular secretions of different type, which may also affect only one eye at a time. To treat them serves a different treatment than allergic, because you have to work on the type of infection responsible for the problem.

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For this reason it is always better to rely on the opinion of the physician to understand how to intervene, especially in spring, when both conjunctivitis are common and can be confused with each other. But there are some small tricks and tips on daily habits that can help prevent the onset of these problems or reduce the intensity of the same:

  • Wash your hands often and avoid rub your eyes. This simple rule will avoid putting the eyes in contact with dirt and bacteria, or worse if they are already irritated!
  • Do not wear lenses in contact throughout the treatment period: contact lenses can easily irritate the eyes and use is not recommended in the presence of inflammation.
  • You should not put makeup on the eyes! Some substances in for makeup cosmetics can increase sensitivity or irritation.
  • Finally, remember to make use of specific products specially designed for the daily well-being of your eyes.

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