What diet to follow? The right choice for your health

What diet to follow? Summer season or not, we are often too obsessed with this question. Today we decided to tackle the subject with a more healthful and less sensationalistic approach. Not always a general answer to the question “what diet to follow” for weight loss is effective and, above all, is not always healthy for our body!

Increasingly fashionable look of several internet portals and blogs by the miraculous effects of crash diets: are really so effective and, above all, are good for our body?

diet to follow

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What diet to follow: There are no miracles!

Browsing the Internet, one can encounter in the diets of all kinds, unfortunately often it is outright frauds that are ineffective or, in worst cases, can damage our health. The diet is not a fad or a flash remedy to be put into practice before the dress rehearsal, but a real commitment that requires effort and willpower: the diet is a promise of health for our bodies!

The choice of a particular diet may stem from various reasons: you can follow a diet because of allergies, weight loss or to hire more minerals or protein. There is therefore no crash diets and will always recommend to inform you in detail on what you decide to follow.

Not all diets are suitable to your body

We repeat once again: trust online recommended diets is not always the right thing, but the same advice applies, for example, to the recommended diets by friends and acquaintances. Even a diet “safe” and effective for some, it is said that it is for you too! The effective diet changes depending on the time of year, age, sex, activity levels: it is a number of factors and variables that make every approach!

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Our advice is always the same

Whether we speak of miraculous diet or any other method to slim down, our advice is always the same: be careful and seek advice from an expert! The figures of the dietician, dietician and nutritionist are essential to make these important decisions: the doctor’s professionalism allows for more assurances regarding the diet to use and allows us to define a diet tailored for our body.

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