7 foods that naturally whiten your teeth

While it is true that there are certain foods that whiten your teeth is essential to be the complement of proper oral hygiene and not to base their consumption we only.

Your smile is your cover letter. Therefore, keep teeth white guarantees a much nicer smile and it is not always easy. Surely you have questions about what to do and what foods are whitening your teeth.

Flossing and maintain good hygiene are some of the key measures for healthy teeth and colorful. The good news is that some foods can help brighten teeth naturally and best of all, it’s not difficult to include them in your diet. To achieve a mouth with a whiter smile we recommend the following ingredients…

Naturally whiten your teeth

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They are rich in protein; calcium and phosphorus that can help protect teeth. Several studies suggest that eating cheese, cheddar in particular, increases the production of saliva and forms protective barrier tooth enamel. The cheese can help stop the whiter teeth, thanks to containing casein. This helps repair teeth and a healthy diet to mouth and heart. Now you know: include a piece of cheese on your sandwich or salad helps your teeth.


It can help brighten teeth. Because it has an enzyme called bromelain, pineapple acts as a natural stain remover without being harmful to the enamel. Bromelain also helps remove plaque, a kind of membrane composed of bacteria which accumulates on the surface of teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce acids that can be demineralised tooth enamel and cause cavities. Of course, we recommend you opt for the pineapple natural. Although it is not possible to find all months of the year, canned they contain a lot of sugar.


The third whitening your teeth food is also an excellent source of calcium, folic acid, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A and iron. Together they form a barrier that protects the tooth enamel. This barrier reduces the contact of acidic foods and drinks with tooth enamel, leaving them whiter. Besides that, being crunchy, broccoli stimulates saliva production, helping to reduce stains on the teeth. Per 100g we obtain about 210 mg of calcium.


Onions contain thiosulphate and sulfur compounds that naturally reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay. To take advantage of these benefits is necessary to eat them raw, since cooking ends up destroying these compounds friends of our teeth. You do not like onions? Garlic also contains these sulfur compounds. It is noteworthy that these foods are not going to whiten your teeth miraculously. In addition to frequently consume it is essential to follow all cleaning habits.

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The perfect triad that you can combine into your snacks

  • The strawberries are an excellent food choice among whitening your teeth. This fruit contains malic acid, a natural astringent that helps remove stains. It is also rich in vitamin C that helps fight plaque buildup.
  • The apple is fibrous and cleans teeth in each bite, also stimulates the salivary flow.
  • Finally, yogurt is milk food rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and lactic acid as cheese. It helps fight bacteria and strengthen your teeth.


A study presented at the general meeting of the American Society of Microbiology in 2005 showed that the raisins can prevent the bacteria that cause cavities and periodontal pain. Moreover, these foods also protect teeth from plaque buildup. This is one of the foods that naturally whiten your teeth because levels increase saliva production. This process helps to flush out plaque.


Carrots play an important role in the natural whitening of our teeth. They are allies of a whiter smile as they contain vitamin A, necessary to keep the tooth enamel, gum care and fights gingivitis. Experts agree that eating raw carrot stimulates salivation if consumed frequently in substantial portions. Furthermore, if you enjoy eating carrots with lemon also astringent effect can benefit the latter.

Do not forget the usual cleaning habits

Food can be a complement to whiten your teeth help, but it is essential to take care of your oral hygiene to ensure better results. Brush teeth daily three times a day, eliminate beverages that contribute to spot them as tea or other products with caffeine and suppress cigarette are some guidelines to promote the health of your mouth. It is also essential to visit your dentist at least once a year to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your teeth.

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