The characteristics of the copper hair color

Only 2% of women have natural red colors. Golden copper shades are very rare therefore they are in great demand by women who follow the latest trends. It doesn’t matter what the base color is as with today’s colors you can create any look on any base. But how do you know that the result will be satisfactory?

To understand this, let’s see how to choose a color, how to make a color, which are the best brands and which household products can be used.

The ideal candidate

Features of hair dye with copper shades When choosing trendy colors you need to be sure that the result will be beautiful. The hair must be in harmony with the facial features, with the color of the eyes and skin. In order not to get the wrong look, we give you some tips on how it could be an ideal candidate for a copper color:

Copper shades will look great on women of the “autumn” color type. Even if by nature they do not have a very lively color, it can be changed by using toners or permanent colors.

Copper does not go perfectly with the very light complexion on which the capillaries are often seen and even with light or dark brown eyes. Copper in this case not only does not fit well but can also make the person bigger.

The copper range

The copper range does not end only with one color, in reality the shades are many. Copper can be darker or lighter, golden or with brown reflections. Thanks to the wide choice, any woman can find the right shade for her.

The light shade

copper hair color
The light shade

In nature, the combination of cold and warm shades is very rare but can be obtained by coloring. You can highlight the play of copper reflections or use the latter as an additional touch to a light base.

Light copper goes perfectly with the complexion with a peach or pink undertone. Eye color is of no importance as a suitable copper shade can be found for any color.

Choose copper hair dyeInteresting to know! If you want to get this unusual color look for hues with numbers starting with a 5 or a 6. The second number – 4 or 5 – is the base. The last number – 6 indicates the undertone of the dye.

For example, this color can be obtained with L’Oréal’s Excellence Creme color number 7.43. It is a very elegant light copper. The color has a creamy texture so it can be applied without any difficulty. The special protective serum instead helps to regenerate hair and protect it from the negative effects of the environment.

The intense golden copper

This shade will look great on women with fair complexions prone to blemishes. It goes well with blue or light gray eyes. The color is best achieved on a light base while brunettes and brunettes should do a lightening first. It should be done in a salon as the hairdresser will know how much to lighten.

If you have done a color previously you should do a bleach to remove the previous pigment.

Dark copper

copper hair color
Dark copper

It is a universal shade. It goes well with any skin and eye color.

In order not to get lost among the numerous colors, study your appearance well and make your choice based on the following criteria:

  • women with green eyes would be better off with dark copper brown shades;
  • wheat or ginger shades are suitable for blue eyes;
  • dark shades with copper highlights are good for women with brown eyes;
  • gray-eyed women should prefer the cool range of copper;
  • older women would be better off with mature shades of copper while younger women would be better off even more daring ones.

The most effective paints for dyeing hair in copper colorTo get a dark shade you could use the “Wellaton” tints. These cream and mousse shades are easy to use at home as they lend themselves very well to the distribution on the head and allow you to obtain intense colors.

The alternative ways of coloring

To get a beautiful and intense color you can use a sun color at home or go to the salon. The women, who have already experienced this, confirm that having a certain experience and knowledge of colors, it is possible to perform coloring even at home. But if you are not sure it would be better to contact the hairdresser.

Let’s see the most used coloring techniques at home

The lively carrot

This type will look best on young and bold women who love originality. To get the color take 4 sachets of the henna, 2 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of kefir.

Combine all the ingredients in a plastic or glass bowl. Then cover your head with the cap for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Dark copper

Take 4 tablespoons of ground coffee and add 1 glass of boiling water or concentrated tea. Heat in a water bath for 10 minutes. Then add 1 sachet of henna, mixing well in order to combine all the ingredients. Apply the mixture on the hair, cover with the cap and leave for 1 hour then rinse with warm water.

Intense red copper

copper hair color
red copper

Choose copper hair shades for coloringYou will need 50 g of onion peel and 1 glass of water. Immerse the peel in the water and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Then let the mixture cool. Once cooled you can apply it on the head. Cover with a cap and leave for 1 hour. Then rinse.

To obtain the intense color, the treatment must be repeated for a few days in a row. Despite this, the technique is used by women as it is absolutely natural and does not cause any harm.

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