The great benefits of facial cleansing with chamomile

Before applying it to the whole face should do a test on a small area we suffer, check for allergic reactions. If you experience itching, we opt for another remedy.

Common chamomile or chamomile is one of the plants used since antiquity for natural medicine. In our space you often speak of their benefits for the body, as it stands as a calming or digestive remedy.

However, as it regards beauty stuff you may like to know that chamomile is well suited to regenerate skin, inflammable and combat acne.


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Today in our space we want to show all their benefits, because nature always brings you wonderful remedies that do not cost money and are almost miraculous.

Chamomile for skin more beautiful

The scientific name of this plant is Chamaemelum nobile, although we know as chamomile. We are sure that you have at home and even some plant infusions decorating your windows or your garden.

As you know, the infusion of chamomile is used most often to treat everything from heartburn to slow digestion, but that is not usually speak so much of the wonders that gives our skin.

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory for the skin

There are many cosmetic and skin care products prepared from chamomile to reduce inflammation and provide a soothing action.

However, if we take advantage of their original virtues, always worth having her home and make her simple home remedies, such as a natural soap or a facial scrub with its infusion.

  • If we get used to wash each day with water or soap chamomile we see how we are relieved those areas characterized by inflammation or redness.
  • It is also a great antiseptic that will help us to eliminate any harmful bacteria that cause infections or elements that alter the balance of our skin.
  • Available chamomile essential oils such as bisabolol A and B, the matricin and flavonoids such as apigenin, therapeutic substances capable of regenerating skin.
  • Treatment with soap chamomile helps to treat eczema and minor burns and those produced by the sun.
  • If at any time you suffer rashes this plant will help alleviate the problem.

An effective treatment for acne

Sometimes acne it is not just a problem of adolescence. Hormonal changes also make occasionally to suffer the annoying appearance of acne, which is why we very helpful to have a good soap chamomile.

Chamomile is known for its vasoconstrictor and anti-allergenic action, hence it is ideal for treating pimples from granites. It also helps to have a clean skin, toned and go healing these acne marks left on our face.

Making use of chamomile to take care of our face

Soap chamomile

Chamomile soap can find in beauty shops. It is common to see in its composition often add other therapeutic elements such as, for example, calendula.

To benefit from its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties is necessary for each day effects proper facial cleansing morning and evening.

After a week you will see the remarkable results in your skin. However, it provided it is advisable to first use a point to see how it reacts to our body, to avoid more severe allergic reactions.

If you want to make your own soap at home chamomile and calendula, please visit the following link:

Chamomile water cleaning

Another benefit of chamomile is acting as a scavenger of impurities and molecules that arise from environmental pollution.

It protects the skin against these toxic free radicals that accelerate aging and also cause stains. Therefore, it would be appropriate for each day shall bring out your facial cleansing water.

These would be the steps…


  • 3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers (30 g)
  • 1 cup water (200 ml)


  • We begin by boiling the equivalent of a cup of water in our kettle. Once you come to a boil, add the three tablespoons of chamomile flowers (if desired and it is easier, you can add in place two chamomile tea bags).
  • Let boil for 15 minutes. After that, turn off heat and let sit for another 10.
  • Then, using a cotton pad, just we have to moisten your face performing a gentle exfoliating massage to allow the pores of the skin absorb this healing water.

If effects this simple ritual every night before sleeping your skin will look more beautiful every day. You dare?

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