Bridal makeup 2021: how to prepare your skin for makeup, tips, and products

How to prepare the skin for bridal makeup. All the tips and products to use and the tips to do your own make-up.

The wedding is a very important event in the life of a couple , and even more so in that of a woman who sometimes dreams of him as a child. That day, while fulfilling your dream of love, you would like to be perfect, flawlessly made up and combed ready to be immortalized by the photographer’s lens.

Let’s find out all the tips and the right products to prepare the skin for bridal makeup and the tips of make-up artist Giulia Bencich to do your own make-up in a professional way.

How to prepare the skin for bridal makeup

The bridal makeup is undoubtedly the most challenging as it should give a super natural look, hide imperfections and give a fresh and radiant complexion that lasts all day.

The secret to getting a beautiful makeup is definitely to start with a beautiful skin, before imperfections, purified, velvety and relaxed. Let’s find out all the tips to prepare the skin for bridal makeup by specifying that the preparation certainly cannot be done two days after the wedding, but must start months before adopting a correct skincare , eating healthily and drinking the right daily amount of water.

The skincare to use every day

Every day, both in the morning and in the evening, the skin will be gently and deeply cleansed using the right products for your skin type . There will be a skincare suitable for dry skin and one for oily skin that aim to restore the normal state of the epidermis.

In the morning you can wash your face with a delicate cleanser and after cleaning it you can apply a serum with moisturizing and illuminating properties, a cream for the eye contour and a moisturizing day cream on the face and neck.

In the evening, you will have to carefully remove make-up from the whole face, especially the eyes and lips which are very often made up with long-lasting products with a rather tenacious pigmentation. A two-phase make-up remover or make-up remover oil will be perfect .

Once the face has been removed, it is possible to cleanse the face and apply the night treatments which must be formulated with rich and full-bodied ingredients that can act during the night’s rest, plumping the skin and hydrating it deeply.


The skin will be exfoliated weekly with a specific scrub for the type of skin . They can be easily found on the market or even prepared at home with a simple and natural recipe.

The use of the scrub will eliminate the layer of dead cells, preparing the skin to better incorporate the treatments and making it particularly smooth and radiant.

Facial cleansing

Bridal makeup

About a week after the wedding date, it will be useful to undergo a professional facial cleansing session that purifies the skin in depth by eliminating any anti-aesthetic blackheads and which will make the skin more compact and radiant.

Hair removal

Bridal makeup

The hair removal is undoubtedly a fundamental step to be addressed before their wedding. Carefully removing unwanted hair from the face and in particular from the lip and chin area will be very important. To do this you will have to turn to the hand of a professional, avoiding the do-it-yourself.


Bridal makeup

The eyebrows are a very important detail for a woman’s face and on the wedding day they must be thick, with a perfect and clean line. If you love DIY and find yourself with thin eyebrows or with a really unnatural line, you will have to contact a professional a few months before the wedding.

The beautician will take care of the eyebrow arch allowing the hair to grow back and giving the eyebrows a perfect line and shape. If the case turns out to be particularly desperate, we can think of carrying out a microblanding that redesigns them in a semi-permanent way.

The tan

If you want to show off a golden complexion on your wedding day, you will have to do some tanning treatments a few weeks before the wedding date. Whether it is the UVA lamp, a self-tanning product, or artificial tanning sessions with the specific spray, you will have to communicate it to the make-up artist or if you want to do your own make-up, you will have to consider the ‘tan’ when choosing makeup products such as foundation and concealer.

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