Top 4 Reasons Kindness Makes You Feel Good

Many people wonder why kindness makes them feel so happy. Here are the top reasons that having compassion makes you feel great. 

1. Contagious Smiling

Being kind makes someone smile, and that will likely spread back to you. Scientists believe that if humans see an emotion expressed in another person, such as happiness, they will feel the same thing. 

2. Righting a Wrong

Like with smiling, if others are feeling negative, you will start to feel the same thing. This is particularly true if you have a close friend or family member who is upset. Doing something kind to help the other person will make you feel better because it relieves their foul feelings and gives you the satisfaction of righting a wrong. While this applies more strongly when you are close to a subject, some people may feel great when they do their part to help with humanitarian problems. In other words, getting involved with a charity that fights poverty or climate change may make someone feel like they are righting a wrong.  

3. Making Connections

Being kind allows you to make new social connections. Whether you buy someone a coffee or compliment them, you can create new friendships that will make you feel good. 

4. Kind Identities

If you want to think of yourself as kind, act on it. Doing so will make you feel like a better person. This can help you label your personality and give you a feeling of purpose. Plus, you can blend your acts of kindness to match your kind acts with your identity. This will result in more satisfaction for you. 

There are a lot of benefits to being kind. It can boost your mood and help you make new friends. Beyond this, it can do great things to help you create your identity. 

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