How to prepare truffle butter to embellish any dish

Preparing truffle butter is a great way to enrich your dishes with extreme ease, preserving the truffle and avoiding wasting such a precious gift from the earth. To make this recipe it takes a few minutes and no special skills are required, you just need a few simple ingredients and, obviously, the higher their quality, the better the final result.

If you have leftover truffle and you don’t know how to store it, or you need a practical and quick method to embellish your recipes, truffle butter is certainly an excellent solution. As usual, I rely on the advice of my grandmother , who has accumulated a lot of experience over the years 🙂


  • Butter: 250 g
  • Truffle: 80/100 g
  • Salt to taste
  • Black truffle


  • The first thing to do is to soften the butter. You can heat it on low power in the microwave or in a water bath, but the best solution is to let it soften on its own by leaving it open at room temperature.
  • Mash the butter with a fork until it forms a creamy froth. I recommend that you do this in a large cup, bowl, or a fairly large hemispherical container. It will then be easier to mix everything and pour it later.
  • Grate the truffle over the butter to the size you want. Personally, I prefer to slice a part of it into thin flakes and grate the rest finely, so as to also have some coarser parts visible that will help to enhance the final result. I’m not sure it changes a lot in taste, but I like to think it does 🙂
  • Mix everything well until it forms a homogeneous foam, then pour all the contents of the bowl into a food container lined with parchment paper.
  • Place in the freezer for at least 12/24 hours until the butter has hardened completely.
  • Remove the butter from the container and store it in the fridge wrapped directly in the paper. You can also keep it inside the container, but I find it a little more uncomfortable. Furthermore, by doing so you free the container that you can use for other preparations.

Truffle butter

Which type of truffle to use and which butter to choose

To prepare truffle butter you can use any type of truffle , considering that the better the truffle the better the final result will be, but for obvious preparation costs, a good compromise could be a cheaper variant of the black truffle , such as summer or the hook. With a good specimen of these types of truffles you can make an excellent butter without spending excessively and without the fear of using it in cooking.

For the type of butter, however, I recommend that you use a butter obtained by centrifugation and not by surfacing, so you will be sure to have a quality butter that has kept all its natural qualities intact. Also, if you have a good truffle, you will be sure that you have not wasted it by preparing a recipe with poor-quality butter.

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