All you need to know about face lifting

“Lifting” is the new slogan, from highly qualified providers moisturizers sold in the supermarket surgeons. We spoke with several aesthetic doctors to know the true history of this treatment.

It began with a surgery with anesthesia in which incisions near the hairline are made ​​to remove loose skin and getting skin look ten years younger. Then came the revolutionary promise to remove wrinkles from the skin with minimally invasive methods or no invasive, such as Botox, laser, radio-frequent, ultrasound and more. And now, to confuse us even more, many cosmetic brands have moisturizers that promise to tense your skin.

Face Lifting

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How do you know it is time to undergo a facelift?

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery treatment can be very important; many patients instinctively know when it is time.

Experts with extensive experience in this type of treatment put things in perspective and are clear about what is possible in terms of the degree of improvement that can be achieved, taking into account the quality of patient’s skin and the skeletal structure and severity of the changes related to aging.

Very good results are achieved in Caucasian skins are lighter, thinner and more delicate than Asian skin, so the results are much more efficient. And when the correct technique is applied, the facelift can also be profoundly beneficial for Asian skin.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

Those who want a deep rejuvenation, but if you do not want to go through surgery and are satisfied with very subtle results, lass non-invasive techniques like Thermage and Ulthera can rejuvenate the skin to some extent.

Non-invasive methods do not work for double chin, as you can see if you manually raise your cheeks: that excess skin must be removed.

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To remove sagging jowls the only option is to undergo a surgical facelift. Aging is not just a matter of sagging skin, nor is related to the shape of the face. If it is true that the juvenile form of the face is triangular or heart-shaped; now, with Gill and the change is not obviously be much higher.

What kind of cosmetic surgery work?

Make what is called a wash deep-plane face or composite, in which the intervention is made in the deeper layers of the skin.

The results are very natural and it shows that the person has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Mainly because the adjustment is made in the backing layer of the skin, rather than on the skin thus avoiding the stigmata of a traditional lift. Now, with better understanding of the anatomy of the face by surgeons, they are able to achieve better results.

Who developed the deep-plane facelift?

The deep-plane facelift was first tested by Dr. Sam Hamra in Dallas, more than 20 years ago, and excellent results were obtained. At that time, however, the technique was not popular, because it was considered dangerous: it acts on the deepest level where facial nerves will be found, so there is a real risk of nerve injury.

Learning and the development of this technique, surgeons can get into those facial areas safely and with minimal risk to the patient. The risk of nerve injury associated with this technique is the same as it is with other cosmetic surgery techniques: between one and two per cent, but the result is much more natural and the effect is more durable.

This technique has been a real breakthrough for Asian patients, who tend to have a thicker skin and heavy so the traditional facelift is less effective.

Another component of aging is deflation to restore the volume around the eyes and forehead, fat from other parts of the body is obtained and injected into sunken areas. This approach to “lift and fill” is the essence of modern cosmetic surgery.

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When it’s time to undergo cosmetic surgery treatment?

If done while the skin is still good, the results will be much better. Once aging progresses, is harder to get a great result.

Only the patient knows when the right time is. Often, the decision is made that there has been a major life situation, such as the wedding of a daughter, or perhaps the death of a spouse.

Many surgeons say that the main objective of this surgery is not pleasing the eye, but to improve the soul.

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