How to reduce the nervous stomach anxiety

The nerves in the stomach with anxiety are quite normal; usually they appear on the same nerves that suffer from anxiety. Because normally when we have trouble, we are afraid, we are stressed … the first thing that is affected is the stomach.

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These nerves often get you from hunger or hunger will decrease, and are often responsible for the increase or loss of weight in anxiety, because the more nervous are most affect your metabolism and your daily diet. No need to worry about the nerves in the stomach with anxiety, you just have to watch what we eat and when we eat it, not to lose or get hit pounds that are not going well or lose or take.

There are ways to control those nerves and weight gain or loss. First we must think and be aware that nervous stomach anxiety are just nerves, are nothing we going to hurt, only bother us enough at first, until we calm down in a couple of days. Do not panic or anything, you just have to stay calm, and not always possible according to the life you have and how you are. To do this we can help with relaxing infusions, as linden, valerian, chamomile, grass Maria Luisa, etc.

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In the case of weight gain by nerves, it is important to control the amount you eat, the food and eating times you eat, because if we lose control and do not carry an order is very easy weight gain and , and then we repent and return to cost us fine. Foods that help a lot are foods low in saturated fats and carbohydrates. In this way we can control weight gain.

For weight loss, as in the weight gain, you have to control what you eat, as the stomach is more sensitive and can do it pains us, and also control the times when we eat, because if we take a time, we will make between us hungry at appropriate times. So that the food does not feel us ill, it is best to eat light things and meet us, just as spaghetti with oil and tuna salad, chicken soup or vegetables, fish, grilled meat (avoid heavy meats such as lamb or boar), etc.

There are many more ways to calm nerves in the stomach with anxiety, such as exercising, as it helps to eliminate accumulated stress, think positive things and not pay much attention to the nerves we feel.

These nerves appear when something costs us assume or overcome, and are what alter our bodies and we do go wrong. They are not serious and will do anything, the problem is that they are upset, they make everyday things like eating, or have a normal social life is not impossible, if not difficult.

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