Make-up Lessons for Gray Eyes

If you are the owner of gray eyes, then consider that you are very lucky! After all, a beautiful makeup for gray eyes can make even a beginner, because this color, in fact, is neutral and can be combined with almost any color of shadows. Gray eyes combine the interspersions of green, blue and brown colors. This makes them “play” in various shades from golden to greenish and blue.

The color of shadows for gray eyesgray eyes

Dark skin color is well combined with shades of gold, sand and bronze shades, as well as blue, green, blue.

In the light tone of the skin, mildly shaded shades of green and purple are perfect, they will make the eyes much more expressive and brighter. Also suitable colors such as beige, sand, caramel and light purple. Read more: How to recover correctly after training: 4 stages of the rest phase

Daily natural make-up for gray eyesgray eyes

For everyday makeup of gray eyes, you can not use shadows, but just emphasize the contour with a pencil of blue and two layers of mascara. But, if you still want to use shadows, then use light shades of sand and beige. Read more: How fun to spend a children’s birthday – a selection of interesting contests for children

Evening make-up for gray eyesgray eyes

In the evening, you can afford more bright and bold colors than in the daytime. Perfectly pearly gray (but slightly darker than the color of the irises), blue and blue, wine and violet tones. Evening version in the form of Smoky Eyes is suitable for the club and restaurant.

The make-up of gray eyes for blonde Make-up for blonde-haired gray-eyed girls

Blonde gray-eyed girls are perfectly suited beige and sandy shades. They will give the look of warmth and openness to the eyes. Black eyeliner for a gray-eyed blonde is contraindicated, brown, gray or dark blue is much better suited. For beige and brown shadows, a dark chocolate contour pencil is ideal. Keep reading

The make-up of gray eyes for dark-hairedgray eyes

Gray-eyed brunettes and brown-haired women are perfect for almost any color. A combination of lilac and green tint is especially advantageous. The only exception is yellow or orange.

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