3 ways to stop coughing at night and go back to sleep

Stop coughing and cold do not give you respite and the night awake the whole family? Here are 3 remedies for a nocturnal cough.

The winter months, as we know, are characterized by chimneys, fleece, coats, Christmas and by the dear and little-loved influence.

Obviously, this comes in different shapes and essences, year by year. Beyond the high fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea (not annoying), cold, ear and throat, there is a symptom that is equally annoying: a cough. Coughing attacks are a terrible nuisance, especially if it’s nighttime and your family would like to sleep rather than attend a concert. Here then are 3 remedies against this nocturnal annoyance, which favor one of the main enemies of influenza: rest.

Stop coughing: The position in which you sleepstop coughing

It would be the case not to sleep completely relaxed. Support your torso with pillows before going to sleep and try to rest on more than one pillow. In this way, you will prevent the mucus from returning to your throat when you are lying down during the night. Moreover, in a supine position, the breathing would be even more difficult! So, off to the reclining cushion. Read more: How fun to spend a children’s birthday – a selection of interesting contests for children

Herbal teas and gargle before going to bedstop coughing

There are a number of excellent herbal teas to reduce the effects of a cough and calm it. One is clearly that of ginger. But also an herbal tea with licorice root, always accompanied by a healthy spoonful of honey. Even chocolate can be an excellent remedy for coughs. Taking these herbal teas before going to bed could make the rest much easier. It can also help gargle with salt water. If you are congested and coughing, salt water gargles can help loosen the phlegm in the airways. As? Simple: mix a teaspoon of salt in 240 ml of hot water to completely dissolve it, taking care not to swallow the substance, gargle for about 15 seconds, then spit and repeat. Finally, rinse the mouth with water. Read more: Anxiety disorders: What are the main kinds of anxiety disorders?

A shower before going to sleepstop coughing

What to do before going to bed? Another method to promote rest is a simple hot shower. In fact, before going to bed, it will be good for the dry airways to plunge into a steam bath and absorb the humidity in the room before going to sleep. Obviously, if you suffer from asthma, the steam can make a cough worse, in which case it would be advisable to avoid this little advice! A treat: always keep a glass of water on the bedside table, in this way, if you wake up for a cough during the night, you can free the throat by drinking a long drink of water.

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