Do not let it dry: how to take care of the skin after 30 years?

Unfortunately, after 30 years, our skin, due to physiological changes, begins to fade extensively. And it’s time to take care of specialized care.

How quickly on your face will appear the first signs of aging depends on many factors: genetics, lifestyle, the presence of bad habits and skin care for up to 30 years. But at this age wilting occurs absolutely in all the fair sex in one way or another. So, what can you find on your face at this age and what generally happens in the body:

How can we help the skin after 30 years?after 30 years

Daily care should now be comprehensive and include several stages of care. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, as well as regular peelings and care and eye care. It is necessary to regularly make masks for the skin around the eyes, this will help maintain its tone and prevent the appearance of early signs of aging. The considerable role is played by a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, a regime of motor activity and the regime of the day. Read more: How to recover correctly after training: 4 stages of the rest phase

This complex will help in the future not to “paint over” visible signs of aging with decorative cosmetics, improve the skin condition, and also smooth some wrinkles. It is natural to expect that the skin will not be young again. We all grow old and this is a natural irreversible process. But you can grow old beautifully.

Face care after 30 yearsafter 30 years

Face care for 30 years consists of several stages: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Pass these morning and evening rituals in any case impossible. And no matter how lazy you are, always remember that every “procedure” is a significant contribution to the future of your facial skin. Read more: 6 best series to understand life as a couple

Cleansing the face after 30after 30 years

Before applying any beauty products to the skin, it is important to clean it. Otherwise, all the funds applied to the dirty skin are absolutely ineffective and can even provoke irritation. In the morning, wash your skin with plenty of water at room temperature with a foam or a special moisturizing gel for washing.

In the evening, the cleaning procedure should be more thorough with the participation of micellar water or special milk to remove makeup. At the end of skin cleansing, blot your face with a towel, without rubbing and abrupt movements.

Facial Toning

Be sure to buy a special face tonic suitable for your skin. After cleansing, wipe the face with a toner and allow the residues to soak into the skin. Dry skin is suitable for alcohol-free tonics based on various herbs and vitamins, but for oily and combination it is quite a suitable cleansing in the composition of which there is alcohol.

Moisturizing face skin

Further on the face, it is necessary to put away in which structure there is a retinol, hyaluronic acid or a collagen. It penetrates deeply into the lower layers of the skin and helps to restore the skin to the cellular level. After moisturizing or nourishing anti-aging cream, which should be applied by massage movements.

It is important: all waste products should ideally be from one range of funds, one brand. Only in this way, you will achieve a certain result.

Eye care after 30after 30 years

The skin around the eyes is very gentle so the cream for this area should be appropriate. In no case, this gentle place cannot be stretched or cause any mechanical damage. The best are all creams with a roller nozzle. When it comes to skin care after 30 years, you should choose special lifting products, as well as remedies against bruises and swelling. To put such it is necessary for the morning and in the evening on a pure or clean skin.

And of course, do not forget about the masks for the face and skin around the eyes, as well as a regular visit to the beautician. After all, after 30 years, the skin requires more careful care and preferably a professional. Well, do not forget about the regularity!

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