Teeth Whitening Method with Activated Charcoal

One of the methods of teeth whitening: take the coal in tablets – crush a couple of tablets into powder – add a little water – rub the formed gruel into the tooth surface with a toothbrush with soft bristles – rinse the mouth thoroughly, washing out the remains of activated charcoal.

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal is not difficult, but there are several excellent methods that can be applied in different cases.

Teeth Whitening Method

Method of activated charcoal to toothpaste

The method is very simple, it does not require additional time or conditions. It is necessary to pre-pour the crushed activated coal into a small container. The container should be small, make sure that it is tightly closed with a lid or stopper. Another condition is that it is convenient to pour activated charcoal out of the container in small portions.

To use the whitening agent after you have cleaned and rinsed your mouth well, do not rush to put the toothbrush back on. Once again, apply a small portion of the paste (less than usual) to the brush bristles, and then “pepper” it with the mined coal. The brush is damp so if you think that there is not enough coal on the brush, you can sprinkle a few more times on the bristles of the brush.

Thus, adding a minute or two more times to the daily brushing procedure, you can achieve a snow-white effect. It is recommended to check charcoal toothpaste reviews http://www.gardenviewdentistry.com here.

A way for lovers of coffee and tobacco

Everyone knows the sad fact that smokers and lovers of coffee or strong tea color their teeth correspond to their favorite pastime. And not all bleaching agents are able to cope with the plaque that has been accumulating on tooth enamel for more than one year. Activated charcoal at one time will also not make a miracle. But you can use it every time you smoke or drink coffee! To do this, you need a little trick: make sure that there is always a pack of activated charcoal in your pocket. The method is simple: after a cigarette, put a pill of coal in your mouth and crush it with your teeth, helping the tongue so that the coal evenly dissipates over the dentition. If you think that one tablet is small, then crush one more tooth.

In circumstances where there is such a possibility, then accumulate saliva with coal spit, and rinse your mouth. If water is out of reach, then it can be replaced with a plastic of chewing gum. Saliva with coal, in this case, can be spit, and the remains of coal on itself will take chewing gum.

The banana and activated charcoal method

This method is similar in efficiency to a double-barrel rifle. Many people know the property of the banana peel to whiten tooth enamel. This ability is based on the fact that the soft structure of the inner side of the skin includes calcium, which is the main role of bleach.

The soft structure of the inside of the peel is ineffective as a tool with abrasive properties, the entire action is based on the cleaning properties of calcium. This disadvantage is well compensated for by crushed coal.

If a banana peel flap (the size of the flap should be small enough to freely cover the dentitions and at the same time the ball to perform their progressive-rotational cleaning movements) pour a little crushed activated charcoal, we get a very effective tool for cleaning and whitening the teeth. Keep readingĀ http://www.gardenviewdentistry.com/whiten-teeth-activated-charcoal/

After pouring the activated charcoal on the inside surface of the banana peel, walk this surface over the enamel of the dentition, making small cleaning movements. If necessary, you can prepare several “whitening shreds” and repeat the procedure several times.

The bleaching procedure is completed by rinsing the oral cavity.

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