Top 5 spa massage that change your day

Spa massage– Take an hour to relax; it can be during lunch, after work, or during the weekend. That time is more than enough: you will leave like new and with batteries recharged. I know what deconstructing, relaxing spa massages, hot stones, pindas, and bamboo canes are all about. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Deconstructing spa massage

spa massage

Who does not have a contract? The stress of daily life and some of the activities we do make us contract each time more frequently, or that it is very difficult for us to eliminate old contractual; specifically on the back, neck, and shoulders. This massage is responsible for reducing tension in the muscles, through techniques that include acupressure, stretching, friction, kneading, and circular movements. The goal is for the blood to irrigate more strongly in the area that is being massaged. The pressure has to be with the whole hand and evenly, only in the muscular areas, without touching the spine.

In this way, deconstructing massages relieve pain, relax the treated area and eliminate muscle spasms. They are made with special oils, formulated with vegetable agents that relieve the area. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Relaxing massages

The purpose of these spa massages is that they give you peace of mind, that is, that you release muscular tension but also relax your mind. Therefore, this massage is essential to create an environment conducive to you feel comfortable, comfortable, and that you can get rid of worries as the massage progresses.

Regarding this, it is necessary that the temperature of the place be pleasant, with quiet music, aromatherapy, and natural oils that accompany the relaxation of all body systems.

Slow and gentle pressures are used throughout the body, along with circular movements with the knuckles and thumb, but also massages with the whole hand with the fingers open. After this technique, you will get rid of anxiety, you will face insomnia better, you will eliminate toxins and you will recover vitality.

Massages with hot stones

Stone spa massage, also known as “Stone Therapy or Stone Massage”, not only reduces stress and relieves back pain, it also detoxifies you. The different stones (most of volcanic origin), are placed on your body according to the shape and size, to best cover one or another body area.

Each stone can be supported to make a massage at a certain point, or slide to work several body parts. The location is given by the different chakras, which are energy centers through which the energy is distributed to different parts of the body. The objective is to balance that energy, relaxing and oxygenating the organism.

The stones are placed at different temperatures and do not burn the skin. Its use favors the increase of blood circulation and they pacify you immediately. It is necessary that, after the massage, you replenish the liquids that you eliminated by the heat of the stones and the perspiration.

Massage with pindas

This type of spa massage is closely related to Ayurveda, the healing system of India, which deals with the mind, body, and spirit, in an integral way. The pindas are plugs or cloth bags filled with aromatic herbs, minerals, rice, oils, and medicinal plants that are steam heated to massage the muscles and tendons.

Before starting, the masseuse rubs your entire body with oil so that the pindas slide more easily. The idea is that the properties of the pindas act by penetrating the pores of the skin through massage, and also through aromatherapy.

This massage with heat promotion relaxes reduces anxiety and fatigue, and eliminates contractures, toxins, and stress. It also detaches dead cells and acts in cell rejuvenation.

Massages with bamboo canes

This type of massage uses bamboo canes as an instrument, allowing relaxation, the elimination of contractures, lymphatic drainage, and the energetic renewal of the entire body. The different types and sizes of rods serve to massage various body areas with greater efficiency.

The skin is prepared with a gentle exfoliation, relaxing oil is spread, and then the spa massage is started with the bamboo canes, with slides and different pressures. In the end, the body is wrapped for a few minutes so that it does not lose heart and maintain harmony.

The “bamboo therapy” is an ideal massage to remove localized fat and cellulite, and it is also firming. In addition to being very pleasant, it is used as an extra aid to reshape the body.

How to make a sensual spa massage to drive your partner crazy

Today I’m going to propose something new that, perhaps, you’ve never tried. It is about making sensual messages to your partner. I do not think many people know how to do this, but I do know of some who are experts in the subject and who could teach more than one.

As I like to share my knowledge, I want to tell you how to make the best sensual massage of your life. Your partner will be thankful and will want you to repeat it assiduously. Of course, you will have to learn to do them because it is just, you deserve them too!

Prepare the environment

The right environment is very important. Therefore, a good idea is to place aromatic candles, temper the room, and put soft and relaxing music.

It will also be necessary that you have neutral oil on hand so that you can facilitate the task of giving the massage. If you want to add even more romanticism, do not forget a bottle of good wine and some chocolates, a touch of glamour that your partner will love!

Let’s do the massage

Ask your partner to take off his clothes and lie on his stomach. Put some oil in your hands and rub them together to warm it. Start with long movements from top to bottom and continue along the shoulders. Occasionally rub your neck gently.

When you’ve covered the entire area of ​​your back, it’s time for your buttocks and legs. This is a very erotic area, so you have to be very careful when giving massages so that your partner does not want to have sex at that moment.

Place the palms on the gluten area and make circular movements. Increase the pressure as you cover the entire area. Then put your hand on the right buttock and massage that area. This is done by creating a roll of skin with both thumbs to then push up. Repeat this with the other buttock.

Then comes the turn of the legs. In this case, you should start with the thighs and move towards the calves. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the back of the knee and gently massage the area of ​​the kneecap. When you complete the whole area, it will be time to start with your feet. This area is very important since it contains the “sensors” of the whole body. Your partner should turn around and lie on his back. Try to be careful and gentle when you spa massages them.

Finally, we reach the culminating point, which is to massage your partner’s chest. You should be gentle and use oil, as it will make your hands slide easily. This part I leave to your criteria so that you choose how to do it and where to start.

Tell your partner that you have a surprise for tonight and give her a sensual massage. Sure you will be delighted and will be the first step towards a night of unforgettable passion.

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