The best natural antidepressants

To maintain good health, there are a number of factors that are in our hands the power to control and we will treat them one to one as they act as natural antidepressants.

Health, who is responsible? Health, largely a consequence of acts of daily individual and depends on your diet, habits and lifestyles, their thinking, feeling and seeing life and is therefore the responsibility of the individual.

Moderate regular exercise and

Physical exercise on a regular basis is one of the best natural antidepressants and also helps us fight the states of stress, anxiety and anxiety as well as being the best natural tranquilizer. Improves all our physical body and promotes the release of endorphins, natural hormones that produce happiness.


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The night’s rest is essential to maintain good health. If you steal your nighttime sleep hours, you run the risk of seriously harm your health. One of the first effects of not getting enough sleep is a down mood. During sleep the body uses to purify, regenerate and recharge. Sleep is a natural antidote to depression.

Food to combat depression

For the nervous system is fully balanced, first we have a clean blood in our bloodstream and this is achieved with fresh and natural foods, which are the only ones that are full of vitamins and live enzymes. Only the living can give good life.

Every day should eat raw foods like fruits and salads. While reducing processed foods, processed and junk food full of all kinds of chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, etc.

And also reduce alcohol, sugar, pastries, soft drinks cola, chocolate, etc. All these products can produce an apparent rise fleeting mood, but later have a rebound effect producing the opposite, a drop in mood, besides not being food producers of health but of disease.

Eat 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 2 snacks, with the right proportion of nutrients between carbohydrates, proteins and fats will help avoid the dreaded hypoglycemia, as one of its first effects in a lowered mood, the once you keep our mind alert and balanced.

Relaxation and meditation

Everyone should learn the art of relaxation and meditation that have much to do in good health and therefore the cure of depression. Meditation gives you resources that expand and purify your mind, making you less impressionable to negative compulsive thoughts that harm our mental and physical health, are very good natural antidepressants.

Music and Singing, good natural antidepressants

Listen to good music we can change the mood. Play appropriate music during exercise gives us more strength and energy. We must listen to the music that we like and that brings our emotions to the outside. Similarly, singing is a natural therapy in itself. Just a few minutes of singing makes all your mental energy to pass from one state to another discouragement of joy, peace and balance. Among the best natural antidepressants that can resort are singing and music.

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Mental resources

If inhabit many negative thoughts and emotions in my mind will make me feel bad and may eventually cause me a depression. We must learn to properly manage mind and thoughts. If I change my way of thinking, seeing and feeling life, everything changes for the better, starting with myself happened to be a slave to master of my mind.

I decide what I think and feel. There are many depressed people without being aware of it being dominated by their compulsive mind that pollutes your thoughts and emotions. Often it not what happens to us, but our interpretation of what happens to us.

We cannot always decide on our thoughts, but we can always choose which devote energy and time and simply ignore them.


Laughter itself is therapeutic, you have to surround ourselves with people and / or activities that make us laugh. Our health will thank us, laughter is possibly one of the best natural antidepressants.

Social contact

Surround yourself with people and friends who make you feel good. It makes little sense that a friend does not value you and make you feel bad, in these cases the beneficial effect of a friendship disappears. So surround yourself with good friends, people you improve, not harm you, to help you fight depression.


Spending time in direct contact with nature raise your own vibration giving greater sense of well-being and connecting with the universe. We must promote these connections to the source; few headaches disappear only by this contact.

According to some scientific studies carried out, the most positive of being in touch with nature changes occurred in people suffering from mental illness. Nature is a natural antidepressant.


Shower with cold water has a number of benefits. If you do not look in the mood, can have a shower with hot water, but before finishing for a few seconds completely head over cold water all over the body, leave the house with another mood. It is a stimulus for hormones that prevent depression and a natural boost of energy and courage.


It is a technique, which involves making a series of exercises with a lamp that emits light. It is a natural to treat all mental symptoms such as depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety, fear and nervousness remedy. And it has no adverse effect.

Life Purpose

Is to find a meaning to our lives, it has to be something that motivates us, to give us hope. An incentive that drives us to move.

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